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300 Orgs Push To Get Child Tax Credit For 2023: "Make Children The Priority"

Nearly 300 organizations called on the government to prioritize the needs of children and bring back the tax credit.

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On December 8, nearly 300 organizations representing advocates in education, child health, education, and other areas, called on the United States Senate and House of Representatives to prioritize the needs of children and pass a child tax credit for 2023.

In an open letter, the organizations urged the lawmakers to renew the expanded Child Tax Credit that gave qualifying parents hundreds of dollars a month per kid from mid-2021 to the end of last year. This pandemic-era program lifted millions of children out of poverty before it was scrapped and let to expire, and many millions of kids fell back into poverty after the program ended.

The push to restart the Child Tax Credit comes as negotiations heat up and Congressional lawmakers try to strike up a year-end spending deal. Democrats are pushing for a version of the Child Tax Credit to be reinstated, in the end of year budget deal.

“Children and those who care for them are struggling in all aspects of their lives, from health risks to rising costs to threats like climate change,” the letter begins. “For too long, children have not received the investments or prioritization in policy decisions that they need and deserve. We write to call on you to make children the priority in any of the legislative vehicles that Congress considers before the end of the year.”

According to Vox, Senate Democrats are signaling they may be open to embracing a “more modest” version of the Child Tax Credit in hopes of getting it to pass. While there aren’t many details yet on what a “modest” package might look like, it is more likely than not to be less generous than the original plan. The credit would however be fully refundable — meaning the poorest parents and their kids will be able to receive assistance from the government.

The push to solidify something now is high while Congressional Democrats have the upper hand, which may not be the case in January when the new Congress is seated and Democrats lose control of the House.

The original Child Tax Credit provided parents with up to $250 to $300 in additional monthly income per child, and proved to be highly beneficial to families. Statistics show that the tax credit lifted nearly four million children out of poverty, food insecurity rates fell, millions of parents could pay down their debts, and basic needs for families were less of a strain on the family budget for families of many income levels.

With the undeniable benefits to millions of Americans, the nearly 300 organizations, with the support of the Senate Democrats, are hopeful they can bring these benefits back.

“We underscore all these child-related policies because children need decisive, comprehensive action. Now is the time for Congress to commit to creating a country in which every child can live a safe and healthy life and reach their full potential,” the letter concludes.

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