Data Reveals The World’s Most Popular Brand That Gets Tattooed

Loyal fans of the happiest place on Earth love to use this magical brand for ink inspiration

branded tattoos dad with his son
kristen angelo / Getty Images

From interesting hair cuts to colorful hair to the clothes we adorn ourselves with, there are myriad ways to express ourselves. For a lot of people — in particular, millennials — tattoos are a major part of that self-expression. Whether we have a tat or simply more tattooed skin than not, most often these pieces of artwork hold meaning (even if the meaning is, hey, I thought this would look cool). But there are some places of inspiration — in particular, brands like Nike or Nintendo — that are more commonly tattooed on the skin than others. And some data shows that, at least on Instagram, there’s one brand that’s more tattooed on people than any other.

DealA wanted to find out what companies and brands had some of the most-tattooed logos in the world. To do this, the company put together a list of 70 popular brands across a wide range of industries and then dug into the data of what brand-inspired tattoos were the most common on the popular app Instagram. So while it’s not the most scientific study on the planet, it’s definitely an interesting peek into what people will choose to get inked on their skin for life… and what they (or their tattoo artists) will proudly share on social media.

“We then investigated the number of Instagram posts that were tagged with the brand name followed by the word tattoo, as of December 14, 2021,” they explained, “and ranked the top 50 by number of hashtags. This indicated the brands that were most popular as tattoos.”

After gathering and sorting all the details, DealA discovered that there’s one brand that blows every other brand out of the water when it comes to brand-inspired tattoos and it’s Disney. “The most-tattooed brand in the world is the media company Disney, which has 474,458 tagged Instagram tattoo posts,” the data reveals.

Disney didn’t just win as the most popular tattooed brand, but it had 430,810 more hashtags than the brand that took the second spot in the data rankings.

Here are the top five most popular brand tattoos:

5. Nike, with 7,333 hashtags

4. LEGO, with 11,764 hashtags

3. Harley-Davidson, with 11,804 hashtags

2. Nintendo, with 43,648 hashtags

1. And, of course, Disney with 474,648 hashtags

There’s a whole lot of variety when looking at the Disney tattoo hashtags on Instagram. So, if you’ve got a connection to any of the characters – whether the newer ones or the classics or Mickey Mouse ears or just the logo – it doesn’t sound like you can go too wrong with Disney, if that’s your bag.