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Viral ‘Bluey’ Conspiracy Theory Is Super Dark And Hilarious

Are Bluey's parents secretly running an international crime organization?

BBC Studios

On the surface, Bluey may seem like nothing more than an excellent, heartwarming, not-annoying kid’s TV show about the low-stakes adventure of a Blue Heeler puppy living in Australia with her parents. But one Tik-Tok pop culture theorist claims that the show is hiding a massive conspiracy that revolves around Bluey’s parents secretly running an international crime operation.

Zach Mander’s theory, which he posted in a viral TikTok, is built on the family’s house, which he notes overlooks the skyline of Brisbane, Australia, specifically in the area of Paddington. Mander then looks up the average price of a house in Paddington and discovers that a home typically costs over $1 million, an exorbitant cost of a house… because of what Bluey’s parents do for work.

Why is this significant? Because it’s clearly out of Bluey’s parents’ price range. Mander notes that in the show, Bluey’s dad Bandit works as an archeologist, while her mom Chilli works in airport security. He then finds the average income of both jobs ($67k for architects and $22/hr for airport security) and it’s clear that even with their combined incomes, there is no way they could afford a million-dollar home while raising a child.

“So where did this money come from?” Mander asks.

A more run-of-the-mill explanation could be that perhaps one of them inherited money from their parents, or they won the lottery before the show began. But Mander has a more sinister guess: the two are working together to smuggle rare artifacts all around the world. With Bandit digging up valuable items for a living and Chilli’s insider knowledge of airport security, the duo could easily be making a killing on the black market.


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Mander’s theory went viral and in a follow-up, he said he had not heard from Bluey’s creators but he suggested that if Bandit and Chilli are innocent, they should release their tax records to prove once and for all that they aren’t leading double lives as international artifacts dealers.

We will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments in this shocking and saddening story.

Parents can get to the bottom of this real estate mystery, and kids can enjoy the popular television show, on Disney+.