Ben Affleck Just Learned A Hard Lesson About Kids And Expensive Cars

Ben Affleck let his son sit in the driver’s seat of a very expensive Lamborghini, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that was probably a mistake.

Ben Affleck in a plaid shirt and jeans.
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If you’re having a bad day, you can take some solace in the fact that you’re not Ben Affleck or his 10-year-old son Samuel today. The little Affleck accompanied his dad on an errand that quickly went sideways. Thankfully, no one got hurt — physically — but we’re sure Ben and Samuel have some pride bruises. Here’s what went down.

Have you ever had an experience where you’re only half paying attention to what your kid said, and by the time it registers, they’ve followed through and regret creeps in? For many of us, this means our kid drew on the wall or soaked their sibling in water from the kitchen sink. But for the rich and famous, there can be much more dire consequences.

And for Ben Affleck, it certainly was when his kid backed a really expensive car into another really expensive car. Though we can only guess how the situation unfolded, even still, we’re glad it was him and not us.

According to People, Ben Affleck and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez visited a luxury car rental dealership over the weekend. Making it a family affair, Ben’s 10-year-old son, Samuel Garner Affleck — who he shares with his ex Jennifer Garner — joined his dad on a visit to see some pricy cars.

Ben and Jennifer were looking at a yellow Lamborghini worth $225,000, which must have caught Samuel’s eye, too. And, being a cool dad, or Ben having one of those, “I’m not really listening moments,” let his son sit in the driver’s seat of the very expensive Lamborghini. It didn’t take long for Ben to realize that was probably a mistake.

"Ben was at the dealership to test drive a new car... Sam seemed very interested in the exotic cars. Ben let him get into the driver's seat of a very expensive Lamborghini, [and] the car ended up reversing into another parked car," a source told People. And it wasn’t just any car; it was a white BMW.

"There seemed to be no damage to the cars though. You could tell that Ben very much regretted letting Sam get into the driver's seat. He seemed upset about it," the source added. But, like a good dad, he was seen hugging Sam after the incident.

You can check out photos of the crash here.

Thankfully, a representative for Ben told People, “There was no damage,” and “everyone is okay." Except perhaps for Sam’s ego.