Baby Shark Toothbrush Plays Music and Your Toddler Doesn’t Need It

Baby Shark don’t don’t don’t don’t, OK?

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Baby shark toothbrush
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There are a lot of really great parenting product innovations that make life a little easier. This new Baby Shark Toothbrush sounds like it should be one of them. It sings a catchy song that toddlers are obsessed with; it may encourage our young kids to brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time. It’s a good idea in theory, but in practice is something entirely different. You want to avoid this Baby Shark toothbrush at all costs and here’s why.

WowWee, the company behind the hit Baby Shark video and song on YouTube, launched a line of smart toothbrushes they’re calling BriteBrush. This toothbrush has bells and whistles in the form of lights and sounds, in an effort to entertain your kid long enough to get them to brush their teeth. The toothbrush will play the Baby Shark song and has reminders to guide the child on which direction to brush their teeth – giving alerts to go up and down or in circles and when it’s time to switch sides.

If that wasn’t obnoxious enough, this toothbrush also goes into game mode. Yes, because kids can’t even complete a simple hygiene task without needing entertainment. The game mode gives instructions to collect undersea treasures and “pop” bubbles in a Treasure hunt game. The brush will make sounds like coins clinking and bubble popping sounds and plays for one minute and comes with a parent-check light that will indicate with a green light that they’ve actually brushed their teeth.

Credit: Target

Devan McGuinness

The Baby Shark BriteBrush is recommended for ages 3 and up and is to be used with parental supervision, but we recommend maybe skipping this altogether. We don’t need all these bells and whistles for a toothbrush for our kids. And any seasoned parent can tell you precisely what will happen if your child has one of these “smart” brushes. The toothbrush will break, and your child will freak out. A replacement will be impossible to find in a few months and then you have to start all over with a new brush routine to encourage your child to just get it done.

Either that or your toddler will become so obsessed with their new toothbrush, they’ll insist on taking it everywhere with them and by the time it comes to brush their teeth, it will be covered in cookie crumbs and lint and you’ll want to rip your hair out due to the obnoxious amount of times you will hear the Baby Shark song in one 24-hour period.

Do yourself a favor and just get a regular soft-bristled toothbrush. Buy one with the Baby Shark characters on it if you must, but stop buying these silly toothbrushes that play music and try to entertain your kid. It’s two minutes—they can handle it and your sanity will thank you.

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