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The Best Baby Shark Toys That Will Only Drive You Semi-Crazy

Doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Few songs cause as visceral a reaction in parents as that ubiquitous brain-melting tune known as Baby Shark. If you’ve managed to escape the ditty about a family of sharks, consider yourself one of the blessed and fortunate. For the rest of us who are not quite as lucky who come home every day to Baby Shark superfans, well, for you there’s a glut of new Baby Shark singing toys. Some of them bite, some of them cuddle, some of them fart (don’t ask), and, yes, many of them sing. Here are the best new Baby Shark toys, all coming out later this fall. Advil not included.

Best Baby Shark Toys

While your kid is using the walker, the Baby Shark song will play.

If you’d rather not use this as a walker, rest assured that it has other attributes. It comes with five buttons that each play a different song, including the Baby Shark song of course.

This Baby Shark toy has a removable tail and hood.

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Here is a bizarre mashup of Baby Alive and Baby Shark. The doll is a water toy, but is also usable on dry land. Kids three and up can put on and take off her tail and hood.

Kids love play tunnels, so why not make it a Baby Shark play tunnel?

This thing is part tunnel, part play tent, and 100 percent fun because there’s no music involved. Plus it’s super-easy to store because you just fold it down.

This is a vaguely genius Baby Shark toy. When each piece is placed into the correct slot, each character's specific song will play.

This pre-school toy teach shapes and colors, and honestly, it’s not as horrifically irritating as it sounds.

This music toy plays Baby Shark, along with two dozen other songs.

Not only does this musical toy have continuous play (sorry!) but it also makes clapping sounds.

The Baby Shark alphabet bus is loaded with 37, yes 37, songs, and 300 sounds.

Kids can carry this bus around and sing along to its many musical treasures. You’ll be begging for Wheels on the Bus when all is said and done.

When kids move this baby shark Fingerling in a wave-like motion, it breaks into the full song you love to hate.

This baby shark responds to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes and baby shark expressiveness. What’s not to love?

Yes, this is a puppet that, when kids move his mouth, belts out the full-length song.

To up the ante, when kids move the puppet’s mouth, they also control the tempo of the song. Meaning, the faster they move the mouth, the faster Daddy Shark sings. Fun!

What makes bath time less boring? Why, this set of four baby shark toys of course: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark and William!

The sharks squirt water out of their mouths. Thankfully, they do this without breaking into song.

Thankfully, kids can use Play-Doh to build their own shark family without ever playing the actual song.

The set includes 21 Play-Doh tools so intrepid artisans can create their own mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa sharks.

Kids tap the top of this stuffed baby shark’s head and he ... sings and dances to the song. Of course he does.

When kids say his name, the baby shark reacts. Also, just to triple the fun, when kids press his fin, they hear two bonus songs. Because really, why stop at one?

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