The Simple Command That Will Make Your Amazon Alexa Fart

"Alexa, be hilarious."

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Your paranoid friends are convinced Alexa is the next step in the inevitable robot uprising (“It’s like the Terminator, but it can call you an Uber!”). But you’ve found bringing Amazon’s Alexa into your home has been pretty great for the whole family. Your little one is especially fond of Alexa. It (she?) can read them their favorite books, play their favorite tunes, and even teach them about animals. Except for the birds and the bees, that’s still on you.

But your kid’s love for Alexa may reach unprecedented heights when they discover the perfect command to give her: “Ask for a fart.” If the video below is any indication, your flatulence-loving tot will find Alexa’s response significantly funnier than even your best dad joke.

Sure, pulling uncle-Alexa’s digital finger may be less educational than the hours you’ve spent discovering whether or not your favorite animals pass gas (Parrots? No. Salamanders? Maybe …). Still, it’s a sure-fire way to bond with your kid over your mutual love of cutting the cheese. After all, who can resist a good fart? (Okay. Your partner. But that’s why you had kids.)

The laughs are sure to be plenty, but be warned: Your kid commanding Alexa to give her best fart imitation is funny and adorable, but you making the command? Not so much. So feel free to laugh along with your kid, but you’re probably better off letting them do the talking. However, feel free to blame Alexa whenever your let one rip. No more barking spiders for you!

To enable this amazing free and hilarious skill, all you need to do is say, “Alexa, enable 4AFART skill.” Then you can sit back, relax, and let your kid be endlessly entertained by a computer pretending to burp out the wrong end. Just be sure to not leave them unsupervised for too long, or they might end up stumbling on some very adult-themed content very quickly. And that’s a conversation you were hoping to hold off on for at least a few more years.

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