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Welcome to Discipline Week!

What we talk about when we talk about discipline is, in essence, expectations and the policing of those expectations. It's insanely complicated.

What do we talk about when we talk about discipline? Well, a lot of stuff. Unpack the baggage the word totes around and there are ideas in there about punishment and consequence, anger and restraint, personal responsibility and excellence. What we talk about when we talk about discipline is, in essence, expectations and the policing of the expectations we thrust onto our children, our partners, and ourselves. It’s fraught.

Fatherly’s “Discipline Week” is a deep dive on petty crime, pettier punishments, and our collective failed attempt to not be punitive with each other (or each others kids). As it turns out, discipline matters enormously to kids and adults alike, fundamentally affecting how all of us see our roles in family and society.

Here’s where to start:

Dad Discipline and Mom Discipline are Different  by Lauren Vinopal

Why Some Adults Are Obsessed with Discipline  by Jayme Moye

Why Do Adults Want To Be Spanked So Badly?  by Carrie Weismann

Corporal Punishment Should Be Illegal in America  by Dr. George Holdren

No, There’s No Such Thing as ‘Tough Love’  by Patrick Coleman

Are Timeouts Just Brain Spankings?  by Lauren Vinopal

Stepfathers Need to Discipline Children Differently  by Hudson Lindeberger

How to Discipline Stubborn, ‘Unpunishable’ Children  by Lauren Steele

What is the Difference Between Discipline and Abuse?  by Patrick Coleman

Roald Dahl’s Personal Monsters Took Over the World  by Joshua David Stein

The Most Terrifying Authority Figures in Kid’s Movies  by Blake Harper

Zen and the Art of Not Reacting to Children’s Bad Behavior  by Jay Stooksberry

What, Exactly, Is the Difference Between Discipline and Punishment?  by Patrick Coleman

In China, Obedience is Virtue. I Chose Passion Instead.  by Leroy Yue

Why Discipline Helps Kids  by Lauren Steele

Does Punishment Actually Work?  by Patrick Coleman

I Literally Never Say ‘No’ To My Kids  by Dr. Stacey Haynes

When Does Disciplining a Child Start to Work?  by Patrick Coleman

7 Signs Your Kid Needs More Discipline  by Lauren Steele

How and When to Discipline Grandchildren  by Julia Savacool

What a Child Learns from Empty Threats  by Patrick Coleman

How a Decorated Marine Disciplines His Kids  by Lizzy Francis

I Used This Business Tactic to Discipline My Kids After Time Outs No Longer Worked  by Geoff Redick

The 11 Long-Term Benefits of Discipline for Kids  by Lauren Steele

Can Discipline Transform Children Into Prodigies?  by Joshua David Stein

How to Talk to Teachers About Classroom Discipline  by Julia Savacool

My Father Disciplined Me With Silence  by Peter Tirella

How Do Discipline Charts Work?  by Jayme Moye

How to Discipline Children in the Car  by Julia Savacool

Suspensions Are Racist  by Lizzy Francis

Meet The Scientists Who Haven’t Given Up On Spanking  by Patrick Coleman

When a Good Family Runs Like a Good Government  by Joshua David Stein

How to Discipline a Child with ADHD  by Julia Savacool

How to Discipline Your Toddler  by Ben Radding

How to Handle Whining, Tantrums, and Other Annoying Kid Behaviors  by Jayme Moye

The Biggest Lies Parents Tell Themselves About Discipline  by Julia Savacool

Where Is Corporal Punishment Still Legal?  by Ben Radding

10 Movies That Teach Awful Lessons About Discipline and Children  by Charles Thorp

Should I Spank My Child?  by Julia Savacool