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19 Funny Coronavirus Haircut Mistakes Parents Made During Quarantine

They tried, they really did.


Of all the trends that have emerged during quarantine, from a renewed interest in puzzles to the rise of homemade sourdough and whipped coffee, there’s one whose effects will last past lockdown: the at-home quarantine haircut. While barber shops and salons were closed, many tried to give their child, their spouse, or themselves a haircut. The key word there is tried. For every suitable trim, there have been handfuls of quarantine haircut mistakes, caused by human error or a clipper’s dying batteries. Thanks to the Internet and such hashtag’s as #CovidCut, we’re able to view all the less-than-even trims, accidental bowl cuts, new bald patches. Yes, the hair will grow back, but the pictures will endure. Embrace the sheer schadenfreude of the moment and take a look at these 24 fantastically failed attempts.