7 Fun Sex Positions You Should Try At Least Once

For those nights when you’re feeling a little adventurous.

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Attractive couple making out and about to have sex on edge of bed

No matter how long you’ve been together with your partner, there are always new things that can be explored in the bedroom. That should be exciting! There’s more to try! While most of us have our tried-and-true favorite sex positions and maybe even a go-to sequence of acts that we follow most times we hit the sack, it’s important to try new things. No, there’s no need to throw out your beloved, comfy classics. But a little novelty every now and then can invite a fresh jolt of excitement that keeps things interesting. Plus, there are types of physical sensations and erotic dynamics you two have yet to experience together that can open the door to whole new realms of pleasure. Why not give them a try? So, for those nights that you’re feeling a little adventurous, below you’ll find a variety of fun sex positions to try.

Now, any time you’re trying a new sex position for the first time, remember to be flexible and have a sense of humor about it. Sometimes something that looks and sounds great online doesn’t work for your real-life body types and that’s okay! Modify as needed and find your own specific version that works for you. Have fun out there.

1. The Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow requires a bit of acrobatics because the receiver is essentially upside down, holding themselves up on their hands while their partner stands and thrusts, but it’s much more doable than it looks. Start in doggy style, and then have the penetrating partner stand up and bring the receiver’s legs up with them. The receiver’s hands remain on the ground, and they wrap their legs around their now-standing partner’s waist, creating a wheelbarrow shape. The standing partner holds the bottom partner by their hips.

2. Elevated Missionary

Elevate your classic missionary, literally, by placing a pillow or wedge underneath the bottom partner’s butt so their pelvis is angled upwards. There are specific sex pillows you can buy for this (for example, the Pillo by Dame), or just use whatever you have at home (as long as you wash it afterwards). You’d be surprised by how different the position can feel with a slightly different angle. This one’s also great for hitting the G-spot in vagina owners.

3. The Amazon

The Amazon sex position is basically the love child of your classic missionary and the cowgirl position, with a bit of a domination-themed twist. The penetrating partner lays on their back and pulls their legs toward their chest. The receiving partner then squats over the bottom person’s penis or dildo and starts riding, holding the bottom person’s raised legs for support. This requires a bit of leg strength and stamina for the top partner, but placing one or both knees on the ground can help give a bit more support. This is a fun one for heterosexual men and women in particular, as they get to swap the typical gender roles—the female partner gets to assume a position of power and control while the male partner is in a rather vulnerable position, at her mercy.

4. Standing Oral — For Her

It’s common for a woman to get on her knees to give her man head, but the opposite can be just as sexy. She stands, and he kneels to eat her out. She can place her hands on his head to guide his tempo, speed, and pressure.

5. Mutual Masturbation

Really want to get out of your comfort zone? Try masturbating together. Sit across from each other and touch each other in full view of the other. It can make you feel exposed and vulnerable, and desired from afar, and like you’re getting your own private show, all at the same time. Incorporate some dirty talk to up the heat, or sit yourselves next to each other and reach over when the tension builds.

6. Upside Down Doggy

Also known as the yogi, this sex position is another one that’s all about the angles. The receiver starts on their back with knees slightly bent and feet planted on the ground. They then raise their pelvis all the way up into the air while their head and shoulders remain on the bed. The penetrating partner then kneels between the bottom partner’s legs (their pelvises should be about aligned) and starts thrusting.

7. The Wall

You see it all the time in movies, but when’s the last time you actually picked your partner up off the ground and had sex with them against a wall? If not recently, consider giving it a go. The penetrating partner lifts the receiver up off their feet and presses their back against the wall. The receiver can wrap their arms and legs around the penetrator’s shoulders and back to hold themselves up, and the penetrator can hold the receiver under the thighs for more support and use the wall for added balance. You may need to find the right way to balance the weight to allow for easy thrusting, and the receiver can also keep one foot on the ground to make things a little easier. For added drama, initiate this one in an unexpected moment or unexpected place. When you’re ready to transition, simply move to the floor to keep the spontaneity going.

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