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5 Ways The Winter Season Impacts Your Package

Studies confirm that dicks and balls have winter down cold.

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Man sunbathing outside in winter in chair under umbrella with snow on the ground.

Cold weather is good for men’s libidos, balls, hygiene, relationships, and fertility. The only downside is that yes, winter penis is real — penises do shrink in cold weather. But all in all, what happens to a penis when it’s cold is generally positive. The following studies make a case for men getting excited about the first day of winter.

You Might Get More Use Out of Your Package in the Winter

Men’s testosterone levels tend to peak in November and December, one study found. For some men, this spike in the sex hormone translates into an increased libido. There’s other evidence that people have more sex surrounding cultural and religious celebrations, potentially because they get caught up in the collective positive feelings. This could explain why babies are disproportionately conceived around Christmas time, too.

You’re More Attracted to Your Partner

Another reason why people have more sex in the winter might be that men are more attracted to women’s bodies during the season. When researchers had 114 men assess women’s appearances across seasons, they reported significantly more favorable ratings for their breast and body shape during the winter. Scientists suspect this is a result of a “contrast effect” in perception — women tend to be increasingly covered up in colder months. As a result, men may be required to use their imaginations more creatively.

Your Balls Hang Higher

While many men fear the chilling and shrinking effects of the dreaded “winter penis,” it’s not all bad below the waist. It’s true that colder temperatures shrink penises by diverting blood to internal organs and away from more recreational appendages, but guys may be happy to learn that testicles hang lower in the summer months than winter months. In other words, winter offers a reasonable trade off — smaller penis, less intrusive testicles.

Your Sperm Are Better Swimmers in the Winter

Sperm counts and sperm motility typically decline from spring to summer, rebound in fall, then peak during winter, data indicates. The physical structure of sperm cells seemed to be at their healthiest during winter months as well, a study of more than 6,000 semen samples confirmed. Experts believe this comes down to the fact that testicles are tempestuous orbs that prefer to be two degrees cooler than the rest of the body. When they’re too hot, they’re worse at producing sperm.

Your Package Might Actually Be Cleaner

It seems that men crave some sort of physical connection in the winter, and that may result in them showering and bathing more. One study demonstrates that physical warmth and social warmth are connected. And when people cannot satisfy their need for other people, they tend to replace that with the warmth of a hot shower or bath. So even if your package isn’t getting much attention from others this winter, rest assured that it will get plenty of time with your loofa.

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