What Your Feet Say About Your Penis Size, According To Science

Scientists are thinking on your feet.

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Close up of a man's sandy feet on a hammock.

For those who can tolerate the smell, feet can signal a lot about a person. But that doesn’t mean every myth about shoe size checks out. Feet may not be windows to the soul (or even the genitals), but they paint a picture of potential health risks, athleticism, and more. So what do they say about big feet? Do men with small feet have less to work with in bed? Here’s what scientists have discovered about the correlation between shoe size, penis size, and so much more.

Your Second Toe Matters Most

Scientists suspect the length of a person’s ring finger is a potential biomarker of the amount testosterone they got in the womb, and the length of the second toe might signal the same thing. One study found this effect especially pronounced in women, who were more competitive and physically aggressive the longer their second toes. But the effect was salient in men, too. You know what they say about long second toes…

Your Big Foot Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Your Little General

Using a man’s shoe size to guess his penis size is…inaccurate, at best. One of the more definitive studies on the subject, published in British Journal of Urology International, determined that there is no link, despite past surveys loosely supporting this urban legend. The biggest problem with past data was that it relied on self-reporting. Right. Researchers realized this wasn’t the best way to measure penile length and used a ruler instead for more official results.

People With Large Feet May Not Live As Long

People with large feet may not live as long, according to one 1987 study and a follow-up study in 2009. Shoe size almost certainly doesn’t cause premature death — it’s more likely that large feet are indicators of height, and taller people are at increased risk of blood clots, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. But if you are concerned about your large shoe size, consider taking basic steps to decrease your odds of falling victim to these conditions by eating right and exercising more often. Can’t hurt, Big Foot.

Men May Be More Attracted To Smaller Feet

There some evidence that men may be attracted to women with smaller feet. One strange study measured the hand length, foot length, thigh length, and foot width of 60 college students and adjusted for individual height. Researchers had 77 men rate the attractiveness of each woman and found that men were drawn to faces of women who also happened to have smaller feet, even when they couldn’t see their feet. An additional survey of 2,000 adults in the UK found that men find the most attractive size foot on a woman is a size 5/6. It seems small feet are the next big thing.

Short Heels And Long Toes Are Faster

Top sprinters have heels that are 25% shorter than average non-athletes’, and significantly longer toes, according to a recent study. The mechanics do make sense — shorter heels have shorter Achilles tendons, which means more force can come from the calves and feet. Which proves that small-footed folk really do have all the fun — they run faster, live longer, are more attractive… and their genitals are about the same as everyone else’s. What more could you ask for?

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