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Summer Weather Can Increase Penis Size, But Your Wife Is Not Going to Notice

Penile swelling from summer heat may not make a huge size difference, but men continue to rock the bloat.

Men are now claiming that the summer heat makes their penises swell far above the average size. Ask around. But experts agree that “Summer Penis” is, in fact, little more than edema of the dick. When any part of the body is exposed to heat, the warmth increases blood flow by causing blood vessels to dilate. Sure, your penis is swelling, but so are your hands, feet, ankles, and even your partner’s genitals. Simply, Summer Penis not going to make a noticeable difference. Your penis is not bigger — it’s built to scale. This is a fine thing since size isn’t what makes an attractive penis.

“It honestly makes so small of a difference you cannot measure it when it comes to length or girth,” Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, a Florida-based urologist, told Fatherly.

Penises (and the rest of the body) swell in the summer, thanks to fluid accumulation otherwise known as edema. The penis is essentially filled with salt and water, but the summer heat causes water to run off. And no one likes a dry, salty penis, so the body sends water back to the penis. It slightly overshoots, and the penis swells as fluid rushes to the interstitial spaces between the cells (this is essentially how osmosis works…although presumably not the way it was explained in your high school text book). Edema can be deadly when excess fluid accumulates where it does not belong, such as in the lungs. But in most cases, it is little more than a nuisance. Think: ring fingers swelling uncomfortably in the summer. Or other body parts.

“I think you would see some of the similar effects in the female genitals during hot climates where the tissue is trying to help in the body temperature regulation process,” Brahmbhatt says. He suspects that men are celebrating what is, otherwise, normal cellular equilibrium because many are uncomfortable about the size of their penises in the first place. Summer Penis helps them compensate. “Men want this to be true because, well, there are a number of men that are not satisfied with their penis size,” Brahmbhatt says.

It’s important to note that if swelling in any part of the body is painful or goes beyond slight seasonal fluctuation, it could be a symptom of an infection, or even a heart or kidney problem, so always consult with a doctor if concerned. Otherwise, there’s really no harm in getting excited about Summer Penis, even if there’s no discernible difference. It might even be a good thing, Brahmbhatt says.

“I personally think it’s great coverage. Anything that gets guys talking about their health is a good thing. Hopefully through the reading guys will gain some knowledge beyond the size issue on penile health”