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Here’s the Data on Average Penis Size and Length

Most men are about five inches long—and most women are fine with that.

Anecdotal and social scientific evidence suggests that men spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying about the size, shape, and fitness of their penises. Never mind that the average penis size is a mere five inches and that the vast majority of women report that they are “very satisfied” with what their male partners are packing, men worry. It’s a source of anxiety that doesn’t seem to being going away for either growers or shower. But seeing the data first hand might make the average man feel better — or at least convince him that he doesn’t have problem between his legs.

Here’s the real data on penis size. Hopefully it makes men feel better. If not, we strongly recommend developing confidence in specific oral skills.

The Average Erect Penis is About Five Inches Long

Scientists long suspected that the average erect penis hovered around five inches in length, across nationalities and age groups. Then, in 2014 a team of British physicians all but proved it. They combined 17 studies involving of 15,521 men to determine the average penis size once and for all, and their results are below. Beyond these average figures, researchers also found that erect penis length tends to be nearly identical to the length of a flaccid penis held stretched out.

More Than Half Of Men Think Their Penis Is Average-Sized

Most men rate their penises as “average sized” and most women agree that their partners have average-sized penises, according to a 2006 study of more than 50,000 heterosexual men and women. Their self-reports are depicted, below. Interestingly, the researchers found a strong correlation between how men rated their penis sizes and how they rated their overall appearances. “ Self esteem might influence their estimate of penile size,” the authors note.


Women Are Basically Satisfied With Their Partners’ Penises

While that same study found that men were not content with their penis sizes (nearly half wished they were larger), but women were largely fine with it. Only 14 percent of women wished their partners had bigger penises, and 84 percent told researchers they wouldn’t change a thing. This final observation drives home a recurring message—there is a disconnect between what men and women want in a penis. Most men wish they were bigger; most women are glad they’re not.