Joshua A. Krisch

Joshua A. Krisch is a science writer at Rockefeller University and former Science Editor for Fatherly. He produces videos and podcasts and has written for publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Scientist, Scientific American, and more.


Is My Kid Evil? The Dark Triad Personality Test Answers A Tough Question

Psychologists consider a manipulative attitude, narcissism, and lack of empathy to be the dark triad of personality traits.

Snuggle Time

Why Kids Love Teddy Bears And Stuffed Animals, According To Science

Some teddy bears are just tchotchkes. So what's the difference between those ones and the ones that help? And how does one become the other?

Birth Order

Data Shows That The Best Sibling Arrangement Is XB-S

The best students tend to be the oldest of three children, with a brother less than two years younger than them and a sister at least five years younger.

Man's Best Friend?

Why Dogs Don’t Like Men As Much As Women

Ask any dog owner: Otherwise friendly canines will often allow a female stranger to pet them, but retreat from unfamiliar men. Why do dogs naturally fear men?

Men's Health

Why Do Beards Go Grey Before Head Hair?

The hair on our faces and heads aren’t on a single genetic schedule.

Grief and Loss

The Death Of A Parent Affects Even Grown Children Psychologically And Physically

Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that losing a parent changes us forever.


Are ‘Good Kids’ Ever Truly Selfless Or Generous?

Whether children are capable of true kindness — and, indeed, whether altruism even exists among adults — is hotly disputed by researchers.


Why Coffee Is Unhealthy For Pregnant Women And Men Trying to Conceive

Coffee doesn't mix well with pregnancy.


The Psychological Damage Divorce Has On Fathers

Divorced men drink and smoke more often, engage in riskier sex, and are more likely to avoid doctor visits and die of preventable diseases.


Take Your Child On A One-Hour Adventure Every Day

My toddler and I terrorize local shops for an hour every day after work.


Do Baby Boys And Girls Look Different?

Studies suggest you'll guess to baby’s sex correctly 60% of the time, even without social or wardrobe-related cues.


There’s No Such Thing As A Sugar Rush, According To Science

There’s no link between sugar and hyperactivity. None. Nada. Zero. Why is that so hard to believe?


You Hate Your In-Laws Because Of Your Kids

When we see our in-laws as family — with common progeny and shared responsibilities — we’re more likely to want to kill them.


School Suspension And Expulsion Doesn’t Discipline Kids — It Hurts Them

A common disciplinary tool used by educators across the country is both demonstrably racist and ineffective. So, why are we still doing it?

Battle of the Sexes

American Parents Say They Prefer Sons, Act Like They Prefer Daughters

If you ask Americans whether they want sons or daughters, they'll say sons. Data suggests this isn't true.

Big Babies

Birth Weight Rising: Why Do Some Women Have Enormous Babies?

Fetal macrosomia, or having a larger-than-average baby, is by some estimates on the rise. Here's what you need to know about extra big babies.


Data Shows Why Your Kid Probably Shouldn’t Change Schools

Data suggests students perform poorly when they have to switch schools, even when those cases of student mobility are due to graduating elementary school and moving on to junior high.


Data Clearly Shows Preschool Benefits Kids — And Society As A Whole

The U.S. government invests $37 billion per year on early childhood programs. And it’s working.


Young Potheads Become Pothead Parents, Study Says

Even though people cut back on marijuana when they become parents, many continue to take the occasional puff.

Personal Hygiene

Why Preteens Smell Bad As Puberty Gets Started

Stinking is a perfectly normal part of growing up and, with a little science, parents can guide their children through the smelly years with minimal olfactory damage.