Joshua A. Krisch

Joshua A. Krisch is a science writer at Rockefeller University and former Science Editor for Fatherly. He produces videos and podcasts and has written for publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Scientist, Scientific American, and more.


Hating Your In-Laws is Totally Normal After Having Kids

When we see our in-laws as family — with common progeny and shared responsibilities — we’re more likely to want to kill them.

Kids' Health

Why You Shouldn’t Worry So Much About SIDS

Take the recommended precautions, but once your kid is sleeping safely, you can stop hovering over the monitor.

Child Development

The Five Stages Of Self-Awareness Explain When Babies Recognize Themselves In The Mirror

The last stage occurs much later than you would think.

Family Bonds

Brother, Sister, Rival, Friend: The Longstanding Effects Of Sibling Relationships

Siblings may have as powerful an effect on one another's lives as parents do.

Safety First

The Reassuring Physics Of The Rear-Facing Car Seat

A 20-pound toddler traveling at 30 mph will require 600 pounds of restraining force to keep them in place.


Parents Should Let Kids Eat Dirt. It’s Good For The Biome.

Unless it's covered in animal feces or chemicals, soil is a healthy snack.


What The Loss Of A Child Does to Parents, Psychologically And Biologically

Though parents mourning the death of a child experience classic psychological, biological, and social grief responses, there are unique challenges.

Mental Health

Diagnosing Depression In Young Kids Is Harder, Incredibly Important

Experts agree that preschoolers are entirely capable of suffering from clinical depression.


The Science Of Dad And The ‘Father Effect’

There are data-driven reasons why kids do better with a father figure in their lives.

Mental Health

The Psychological Damage Divorce Has On Fathers

Divorced men drink and smoke more often, engage in riskier sex, and are more likely to avoid doctor visits and die of preventable diseases.

Grief and Loss

The Loss Of A Parent Changes Children Of All Ages Forever

Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that losing a parent changes us forever.


How To Give Your Kid Allowance Like A Child Psychologist

Can allowance actually teach fiscal responsibility?


The Father Effect, By The Numbers

The data behind dads and the substantial and positive impact they have on kids.


What Makes A Happy Marriage? Data Shows The Answer Is Changing

In 1939, men and women thought that partners who were chaste and dependable would give them a happy marriage. A lot has changed since then.

Kids' Health

How To Fix Nursemaid’s Elbow, According To A Surgeon

Nursemaid's elbow is nothing to freak out about. Here's what parents need to know.

Questions of faith

My Son Refuses To Go To Church. What Should I Do?

Is it ever okay to force religion upon your children?

Gender Norms

Stay-At-Home Dads More Likely To Be Depressed, Study Says

Men who stay at home and women who go to work are at higher risk of depression, study suggests.


This Kettlebell Workout Will Get You Fit, Fast

As far as bang for your buck goes, kettlebells are a versatile piece of exercise equipment that checks all the right boxes for your home gym.

Child Development

How Much Of Child Development Is Nature Vs. Nurture?

The nature vs nurture debate is settled: Personality traits are heritable. But how much of child development hinges on DNA, and what should parents do with this information?


Dad Bods And Dad Brains: The New Science Of Fatherhood

Men experience measurable changes when they become fathers, tied to shifts in physiology that prime them for their new roles.