WowWee’s Fart Launcher Lets You Fling Stink At Unsuspecting Foes

They did it. Those crazy bastards finally did it.

Ever since kids had imaginations, visions of fart guns — or launchers, or catapults, or trebuchets — floated around their heads. Sure, one could resort to classic stink bombs, cup a fart and fling it at a friend’s face, or just strategically position a fan. But, there’s just something enticing about the idea of an actual launcher, something that can fire that distinctive odor up your friend’s — or enemy’s — nostrils.

Well, friends, that day is now. Because at Toy Fair we witnessed the release of a bona fide cheek squeak cannon. That’s right, WowWee toys, maker of the beloved (and also fart-capable) Fingerlings and the newly released Butt Heads, announced the Fart Launcher. What a time to be alive.

The WowWee Fart Launcher is intended for children aged eight and older. And it’s, well, exactly what you imagine. Resembling a fat-barreled Nerf gun, it has a trigger and a wide barrel. Instead of foam darts it takes one of what will be two available scent cartridges. One is bubblegum (how wholesome!) the other is, you guessed it, fart smell. Pop the cartridges in the handle, pull back the barrel, press the trigger and a burst of air pushes out the poop ghost scent.

WowWee says that the smell can only be picked up within a five-foot radius, so anyone who lets the scent fly must aim carefully. At Toy Fair, we watched a demo of the launcher and the gentleman who was selected to face the butt music said it indeed smelled like farts. The rest of us, standing outside the fallout zone couldn’t smell a thing.

Is the Fart Launcher something we want kids to play with? Probably not, considering the idea of getting unsuspectingly pelted with olfactory grenades again and again isn’t really too intriguing. But there is something to be said about a real life fart gun finally coming into production. Long live innovation.

The Fart Launcher is expected to release in Fall 2019.