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All That’s Weird and Wonderful on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Sometimes we don't know what we need.

Burned out on reading about Instant Pot attachments and sorting through last year’s tech? Welcome to the Island of Misfit Deals, a place of rest, curiosity and soul-refreshment. We’ve gathered up all the oddest — and most oddly delightful — Amazon deals of 2021. Rest your weary bones on this bank of sequined Nicolas Cage pillows, slide on a pair of exfoliating slippers, and get comfortable under a giant tortilla. These are the very special deals of 2021. 

A challenge lifelong it is, to paint by numbers not.

The manufacturer says this waterproof head is 'suitable for pranks' and can travel up to 15 miles an hour.

Forgot Mother's Day? Make things right.

An ultra-plush nearly 2-foot harbor seal will put things in perspective.

New to the world of photorealistic food-themed decor? This giant tortilla is a good place to start.

This glue-by-the-numbers rhinestone painting is a true treasure at 70 percent off.

Going maskless outside? Get back the aura of mystery with these app-controlled glasses: Send messages and animations flashing across the lenses.

Your work-from-anywhere pocket home office.

Forgot Father's Day? Make things right.

By day, a friendly twist on the garden gnome -- by night, casts a legendary shadow.

Pay tribute to the mysterious staying power of this '90s sitcom.

A pocket eden, featuring 15,000 seeds for growing 32 heirloom veggies, from Detroit Dark Red Beets to All-American Parsnips.

Dreading getting dressed for work again? These space dog socks can be your little secret.

This 5-piece bamboo cooking set serves up extra inspiration.

Just one pair from a whole line of trippy sweatpants with digitally printed 3D designs.

Face off daily with this semi-customizable Nicolas Cage pillow.

Soothing forest glow every night.

Practice fingerboard tricks between Zoom meetings.

Blend in anywhere with Opposuits' tropical and comic-book themed suits.

Teach yourself to play a wind instrument with a 12,000-year history.

Full rocker persona at half the price.

For the yard or home — works year round, but at Halloween, comes into its own.

Fiber-forward wheat-free cereal with 22 grams of fiber per serving.

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