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Amazon Prime Day 2020: The Best Deals on Kids Toys and Games

Here are all the best Amazon Prime Deals deals we've found on kids toys and games.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day deals on toys and games are solid — if you know where to look. Here some of the deals that can help you snag the most worthy products at the best prices.

We’re also covering baby gear deals, tech deals, kitchen gear deals, and the best-of-the-best Prime Day deals.

Best Prime Day 2020 Deals on Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This award-winning tool bench by Hape is a great set for pretend play. It features 35 pieces of different tool parts for your growing craftsman. Snag it today for 36% of the original price and watch where your kid's creativity takes them.

This baby care center is more than half off for Prime Day, but that's not the only reason you should buy it. The activity center helps foster healthy imaginative play. It features a kitchen, bathing area, changing area and a nursery and it makes a perfect gift for kids age 3 and older.

The sit and spin activity toy is a classic. Kids can sit, twirl and giggle themselves silly for hours on end. As an added advantage, this activity supports the development of kids' fine and gross motor skills.

Tegu's magnetic blocks are known for their craftsmanship and sleek design. They're also known for their cost, but not today. This sweet 24-piece set is marked down from $65 today.

This stainless steel beauties are a perfect gift for the budding chef. Save $15 off the original price when you purchase it today.

Pots and Pans need some food to accompany it. This sandwich set is a great accessory for pretend play. It pairs nicely with the pot and pans set from Melissa and Doug

These Sesame Street puzzles work on several levels: They're super-fun puzzles that toddlers and young kids will like because of the satisfying click the letters and numbers make when placed in the case. They help kids learn numbers and letters in a playful way. And the case itself is fun for kids to tote around — and a gift for parents who are tired of looking for, and stepping on, puzzle pieces. Marked down from $35.

This attractive play kitchen won't be an eyesore in your living room. It's made by KidKraft, which means it's a quality piece, and includes everything your kid needs to practice growing and then cooking their own food. It's marked down from $200.

ECR4Kids specializes in toy storage and kids furniture for schools, so the quality is always exceedingly high, and the stuff is rarely on sale. This cheerful rolling organizer is 20 percent off of $140 to new Prime members.

Best Prime Day 2020 Deals on Toys for Kids

This family game night and puzzle set has everything you need to get started in the Osmo ecosystem: the Osmo base (for iPad), tangram pieces, number and word tiles, and seven game apps. It's normally priced at $140 and is marked down to $98.

Terrariums are famously hard to create and maintain, while indoor kids gardening is just so messy. This terrarium solves both issues: it's a super-easy, tidy, compact, and fun terrarium that kids can handle, and it lights up at night, too. It's currently priced at $18, down from $27.

Pretending to be Batman is all fine and good, but this mask lets your kid look and sound like him, too. It's $21 today, down from $30.

Normally $200, this 1,177-piece set is only $134 today. It can be assembled into three different droids, and a programmable Bluetooth hub means kids can work on their coding skills via the accompanying app.

Best Prime Day 2020 Deals on Games

Chutes and Ladders, along with its sibling game Candy Land, are great intros to board games for preschoolers, and it's only $9 today.

It's important to give kids a solid introduction to the spiritual arts. Ouija is 36% off today and will set you back only $14. A small price to pay, really, for knowing what the future holds.

Who knew that battling spinning tops could be so fun? Beyblade Burst is 30% off today.

Connect 4 is still around, and that's because it's a deceptively simple game that keeps kids thinking and engaged. And maybe adults, too. It only costs $8, down from $12.

This word game is like Scrabble but faster and without the restrictive board. It's normally $17 and would be a great thing to have on hand for rainy days at home.

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