The Tidal Storm Battle Monster Water Gun Attaches Right to the Garden Hose

Even better, it also rocks a pump-action mode so you can disconnect and storm the battlefield.

by Dave Baldwin
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The key to winning any water fight, be it with balloons, blasters, or full-fledged Super Soakers, is the ability to quickly reload on the fly. Time spent ducked behind a tree pouring water into a tiny spout is time spent getting blasted in the face by an opponent with a fully loaded weapon. But what if your water gun never ran out of ammo? It’d be impossible to lose, right? Well, that’s the idea behind the new Tidal Storm Battle Monster. It’s an insane new water blaster from Prime Toys that attaches directly to the garden hose and rains down a continuous stream of water on anyone within 40 feet.

Actually, the 2-in-1 Battle Monster is more than just a mobile water cannon with constant blasting. It’s first and foremost, a standalone pistol-gripped, pump-action blaster with a 1300mL storage reservoir that goes anywhere. Simply load at the top, pump repeatedly to build pressure, and fire away using the top trigger. It shoots a continuous stream with one pull and has a range of 38 feet. Feel free to run about the yard.

If your strategy, however, is less Rambo in the jungle and more dig in to defend the beachhead, that’s where the hose comes in. Assuming your proverbial beachhead, of course, is next to the house or at least can be reached with an extended garden hose. That’s where the Monster’s true power lies. Just attach the quick-release hose adaptor to the bottom, turn on the water, and pull the blaster’s second lower trigger to cover your troops as they make their advance. The blaster nozzle also has six positions, including narrow, wide, and a four-stream spray, to keep the enemy on their toes as well.

The Battle Monster is available exclusively at Target and costs $25.

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