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Best Unicorn Sprinklers

It's mythical backyard magic.

What’s better than a sprinkler? Why, a unicorn sprinkler, of course!

Instead of spending a fortune at a water park, load up on a few lawn sprinklers (and water guns) and watch summer magic in action. Kids will run around! They’ll be off their devices! And they’ll get nice and soaked. We’ve rounded up the best unicorn sprinklers, as well as other sprinklers for folks who aren’t fans of the mythical creatures.

The pink and blue mane on this unicorn sprinkler really takes it to the next level.

If your child is a fan of mythical creatures, this unicorn sprinkler is for you. It’s four feet tall, and hooks right up to your garden hose.

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Water sprays from the horn on this magical, mystical unicorn sprinkler. It comes with four stakes, so it won't blow away.

What is there to say about this majestic sprinkler except that water blows out of the unicorn’s horn, and it’s simply essential to add to your summer repertoire.

Either go big, or don't bother. That's the idea behind this unicorn sprinkler, which is more than fix feet tall. It's made of thick PVC.

What’s not to love about this unicorn sprinkler? It’s got a multi-colored mane and tail. It’s got a proud gold horn. The whole package is just sensational.

The twist on this unicorn sprinkler? It shoots water out of its tail, not its horn!

Clocking in at more than five feet, this is a solid unicorn sprinkler. It’s made of PVC, like others on this list, and once you attach it to a sprinkler, water comes out of its tail.

If you're going full unicorn, why stop at a sprinkler? This is a combo unicorn sprinkler and kiddie pool!

It’s so ingeniously easy. A sprayer spout attaches to a garden hose to keep kids cool in this unicorn sprinkler pool.

We'll avoid all those happy rainbow cliches and just tell you that your backyard will be a sad, dry place without this awesome rainbow sprinkler.

This is six feet of pure inflatable sprinkler joy. A massive rainbow? That rains water? Really, we don’t even need to say anything more.

You know you need a dinosaur yard sprinkler that stands over six feet tall.

This more than six-foot tall Brontosaurus will rain water down upon your kids for some Jurassic-themed backyard fun. After inflating it, you just connect it to your hose. It’s built from PVC.

Not a fan of dinosaurs? Here's a seven-foot elephant sprinkler for you instead.

You inflate this massive, seven-foot tall elephant sprinkler, connect it to your garden hose, and hours of fun ensue.

This automatic sprinkler has three 360-degree rotating arms and 12 built-in nozzles, meaning everyone gets soaked. Fast.

This pulsating lawn sprinkler has three arms, with adjustable spraying angles ranging from 45 to 90 degrees. Adjust as needed, for max soaking potential. It has a weighted base for added stability.

This sprinkler and splash mat is one of Amazon's top sellers.

This handy little sprinkler is made of heavy-duty PVC. It’s 68 inches in diameter, and suitable for younger kids. Your garden hose will power it.

You can almost already hear the squeals of delight emanating from the backyard.

Not only does the Hydro Swirl sprinkler spin and spray water, but it also rocks six wild “Tidal Storm Wiggle Tubes” guaranteed to flail around like the snakes on Medusa’s head — ensuring no kid escape its reach.

You attach a garden hose to this sprinkler and let your littles run around in the water.

Get kids off their iPads and let them run around and splash each other with this cute sprinkler. This is a great sprinkler for younger kids, ages three and up.

A water table fused with a sprinkler? Yes, this miraculous toy does exist. And here it is.

You fill your barrel to the top, and then spray other players. Just connect a hose to activate the water shooters. This toy is great for kids two and up, but actually, just try and keep adults away.

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