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The Best Unicorn Sprinklers For Your Backyard

It's mythical backyard magic.

Nothing entertains kids better than a sprinkler. Except for a unicorn sprinkler that is.

Instead of spending a fortune at a water park, load up on a few lawn sprinklers (and water guns) and watch summer magic unfold. Sprinklers are low maintenance and high reward. Something about water squirting out of the ground transforms a backyard and provides hours of fun. A sprinkler might even get your kids off their screens and willing to engage with the great outdoors. These are the best kid’s sprinklers of the unicorn variety.

The pink and blue mane on this unicorn sprinkler really takes it to the next level. If your child is a fan of mythical creatures, this unicorn sprinkler is for you. It's over five feet tall, and hooks right up to your garden hose.

This unicorn sprinkler stands at almost 6 feet tall and comes highly reviewed by Amazon users.

This sprinkler splash pool combo lets kids wade in still water or get sprayed. And it's better looking than your average kiddie pool.

You know you need a dinosaur sprinkler that stands over six feet tall. This massive six-foot tall Brontosaurus will rain water down upon your kids for some Jurassic-themed backyard fun. After inflating it, you just connect it to your hose. It’s built from PVC.

This jumbo watermelon sprinkler sprays in multiple directions, and the spray height can be adjusted by changing the water pressure. Its UV coating will prevent fading in the sun, and the hose component is made of durable PVC.

This automatic kids sprinkler has three 360-degree rotating arms and 12 built-in nozzles, meaning everyone gets soaked, fast. Adjust as needed, for max soaking potential. It has a weighted base for added stability.

If you're going to have water shoot out of some contraption, why not worms wearing construction hats? This sprinkler is best for kids ages 3 and up.

This sprinkler and splash mat is one of Amazon's top sellers. This handy little sprinkler is made of heavy-duty PVC. It's 68 inches in diameter, and suitable for younger kids. Your garden hose will power it.

We'll avoid all those happy rainbow cliches and just tell you that your backyard will be a sad, dry place without this awesome rainbow sprinkler. This is six feet of pure inflatable sprinkler joy. A massive rainbow? That rains water? Really, we don't even need to say anything more.

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