22 Baby Bath Toys for Toddlers Under $10

We rounded up 22 of the best bath toys to save you from breaking the bank.

by Dave Baldwin
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bath toys for toddlers

Not every kid takes to bath time like a young Aquaman/woman. The earlier you can get them comfortable in the water, the sooner the nightly routine becomes that much smoother. And what better way to do that than by making the tub one big, wet playpen filled with special toys that only appear when the faucets are turned on? As bath toys can be weirdly expensive, we rounded up 22 of the best bath toys for toddlers and babies under $10. We’re talkin’ basketball hoops, animal squirters, and submarines driven by monkeys. Doesn’t bathtime seem more appealing already?

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Hot Wheels Splash Rides Blastin Sub

It’s pretty hard to get any cooler bath toy than a toy submarine that launches a floating Hot Wheels car across the tub. And that’s exactly what this Splash Rides boat from Mattel does.

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Boon Cogs Water Gears

These five linked gears suction to the bath walls and create a spinning chain when water is poured over them. Add the pipe set to make things more fun and boost STEM learning.

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Fat Brain Toys Bathtub Blossoms

If watering the plants will eventually be one of your kid’s daily chores, then it can’t hurt to them excited about it now. Use the watering can bath toy to pour water over the suctioned pot and the three flowers will spin in different directions.

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Plan Toys Speed Boat

Plan Toys makes sustainable, wooden bath toys that give back to the environment as much as the gas-guzzling vehicles they’re modeled after take away. This speed boat is made from non-toxic wood, so it’s as safe on the water as it is in a baby’s mouth.

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Angry Birds Water Squirters

Most kids have no idea the Angry Birds movie came out years after the craze ended and enjoyed it just the same. Odds are good that getting these Angry Bird squirters years after the movie released won’t bother them in the least.

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Munchkin Barnyard Friends

Some of the first sounds kids learn to make are of farm animals. Which makes this eight-pack of farm animal squirters (for only $10) not only a fun bath toy but a helpful educational tool.

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Marcus & Marcus Mold-Free Lola the Giraffe

The number one problem with most bath toys is that mold grows inside and, eventually, they have to be thrown away. Lola the mold-free giraffe, however, is made of BPA-free silicone and can be unscrewed and cleaned. In the dishwasher, nonetheless.

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Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Number one on Amazon’s preschool bath toys list, number eight in your heart. Because of the tentacles. You get it. Your kid will be captivated by this floating ring toss game.

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Green Toys My First Tug Boat

The tugboat is the perfect toy to teach your kid the value of hard work and perseverance. Plus, it’s made from recycled milk containers, so it’s a great incentive to get them to drink their milk, at least according to the company.

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Little Tikes Bathketball

Turn bath time into basketball practice as kids make the spinners twirl every time they sink a shot.

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ALEX Toys Bathtub Crayons

There’s literally no better place to color with a crayon than in the bathtub, where it can easily be washed off. This six-crayon set allows kids to turn the entire space into their canvas. And while you can get it cheaper without the case, don’t. You’ll want an easy way to store them.

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Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy

Stacking bath toys are beneficial for fine motor skills, visual perception, creative play, and even language development. And these little birdies have spouts, so you can use them for rinsing and washing, too.

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Little Quack’s Bath Book

For that young bookworm who doesn’t want to stop reading to get clean, this bestselling soft vinyl book can go in the bathtub. It even comes with an inflatable Little Quack toy for reenacting the stories.

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Rub-a-Dub Magnetic Boats in the Tub

Because bathtime can often resemble a recreation of The Perfect Storm, these three vinyl vessels ⏤ a tugboat, a fishing boat, and a speedboat ⏤ link together using magnets.

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Skip Hops Pull-and-Go Monkey

Unlike other pull-and-go bath toys on the market that pull but don’t go, Skip Hop’s monkey-in-a-sub actually does zip across the tub. Not only that, but it encourages fine motor skills in the kid who’s yanking the string.

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Terry Cloth Tub Puppets

Want to bring some experimental theater to the bath? Fit your fingers into these terry-cloth insects and create some tub-specific scenes.

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Little Treasures Wild Animals

Turn bath time into an adventure on the African savannah with these squirt-and-squeakers in the likeness of an elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros.

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Floating Water Bugs With Toy Net

By catching these three floating water bugs in the bath toy net, kids as young as 9-months-old can start developing hand-eye coordination. Also, they can do something other than squirt you with water.

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Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap

The beauty of Crayola’s fingerpaint soap, obviously, is that while kids are going all Jackson Pollock on the sides of your shower, they’re getting clean in the process.

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Rub-a-Dub Water Flutes

Add a musical soundtrack to splash time with this set of five water flutes, each of which can be filled with a different level of water to hit a different note. They even come with waterproof song sheets to play all your favorites, including “Old McDonald,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Also, “Ode to Joy” if they’re really loving their bath that night.

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Haba Bubble Bath Whisk

If the seas are too calm for your little Ahab, this bubble bath whisk will stir things up.

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Sago Mini

Sago Minis popular line of playsets and characters are officially ready for the pool. They’re detachable for easy cleaning and are sold both in two-packs in stores or eight-packs online.

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