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The Best Bath Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Make bath time more bubbly with these floating, squirting, squeaking, splashing bath toys.

There’s no better play space than the bath for babies and toddlers. They splash. They blow bubbles in the tub. They experience the singular and soothing sensation of being submerged in warm water. And when deployed correctly, baby bath toys only heighten the experience.

When choosing bath toys, we focused on ones that were both visually and cognitively engaging, because bath time should be enjoyable for kids and parents. They’re colorful, easy to use, and even easier to clean. And we also, whenever possible, picked toys that had minimal or no openings, thus reducing the chance of mold (which thrives in enclosed, wet spaces) making a guest appearance.

The Best Baby Bath Toys

A classic yellow rubber duck that's also safe for babies to use as a teether. As you might notice, this duck has no openings, so there won't be any mold inside.

Two reasons to love this baby bath toy: It's made from natural rubber and there are no holes, so therefore nowhere for mold to grow and thrive.

A simple bath stacking toy for babies, which they can also use to pour water on themselves.

A rubber floating boat bath toy that has no holes, hence much less chance of mold making an appearance.

Kids can use these suction cup tentacles to stick these jellies to the tub, the wall, and onto each other.

All you need to know about this baby bath toy is that it lights up when it touches the water. Plus, it has a seamless design, meaning fewer chances for mold to thrive.

Kids mix and match the tops and bottoms of these bath toys, which are also dishwasher-safe. You snap them apart to wash them.

These stacking cups link up, stack up, strain, and pour water — all without you having to worry about them trapping water and molding.

These airtight floating bubbles have toys inside that spin and rattle. They keep babies entertained and stimulate their senses.

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The Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

This baby shark floats, swims and spins after your kid winds up the bottom fin to activate movement.

The frog suctions to your tub, and your kiddo inserts the pieces into the correct slots to feed it.

It's bathtub basketball. The net suction to the tub, and kids throw the fish inside it.

This dishwasher-safe bath toy has a spinning rear propeller and comes apart for easy cleaning. The flat bottom is handy for underwater missions.

  • 2-in-1 game: ring toss and stacking toy
  • Polar bear is weighted to float facing up
  • Toss rings on legs or stack on belly for endless fun
  • Includes one floating bear toy and 4 fish character rings
  • Air-tight design helps prevent mold and mildew; 12+ months

oss rings onto its legs or stack them on its belly." tracking="fatherly-bathtoys-20"]

This bath toy suctions to the wall, and kids can use it as a mini sprinkling can, turn dials, and create a steady stream of water that travels through the toy and into the tub.

These faux stickers attach to the tub only when they're wet, which is a neat trick.

Toddlers stick the suction cup rings to the bathtub wall (one above the other) and then arrange the three reservoirs and the propeller any way they want. They learn cause and effect, as water travels through the cups at different speeds.

This four-piece set comes with both a rescue boat and helicopter, as well as two captains who can perform any bathtub rescue mission your child can think up. The set is made of recycled milk jugs and can be washed in your dishwasher to prevent soap scum and mold from building up.

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