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The Best Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Make bath time more bubbly with these floating, squirting, squeaking, splashing bath toys.

There’s no better play space than the bath for babies and toddlers. They splash. They blow bubbles in the tub. They experience the singular and soothing sensation of being submerged in warm water. And when deployed correctly, the best baby bath toys only heighten the experience.

When choosing bath toys, we focused on ones that were both visually and cognitively engaging, because bath time should be enjoyable for kids and parents. These tub toys are colorful, easy to use, and even easier to clean. We also, whenever possible, picked toys that had minimal or no openings, thus reducing the chance of mold (which thrives in enclosed, wet spaces) making a guest appearance. Here are the best bath toys for babies and toddlers.

The Best Baby Bath Toys

These Danish stacking cups help kids worn on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

This floating seaplane helps babies work on their pincer grips, and hand-eye coordination, as they fly it in and out of the water.

This is both a rubber teething toy, and an orange babies can play with in the bath. It's made of a single piece of rubber, so it's easy to clean and won't encourage the growth of mold.

A colorful, sensory delight, this toy suctions to the tub and your baby can tug on it to her heart's content.

A delightful rubber boat, this one floats and has no holes (hence no mold buildup).

This dishwasher-safe bath toy has a spinning rear propeller and comes apart for easy cleaning. The flat bottom is handy for underwater missions.

You know what never becomes less fun? Filling a bucket with water, emptying it out, and filling it back up. It's an early lesson in gravity.

Kids can use these suction cup tentacles to stick these jellies to the tub, the wall, and onto each other.

A simple bath stacking toy for babies, which they can also use to pour water on themselves.

All you need to know about this baby bath toy is that it lights up when it touches the water. Plus, it has a seamless design, meaning fewer chances for mold to thrive.

Kids mix and match the tops and bottoms of these bath toys, which are also dishwasher-safe. You snap them apart to wash them.

These stacking cups link up, stack up, strain, and pour water — all without you having to worry about them trapping water and molding.

The Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are squirmy, and they’re easily bored. When choosing bath toys, you want ones that actually challenge them, engage them, and hone their motor skills.

A musical toy that works in the water. Not only does it float, but it plays actual music when kids bang on it, working on their motor skills.

The floating creatures include an octopus, a pink fish, and one starfish, and as kids throw them around, put them back in their bucket, and squeeze them, they work on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A great toy set, this one is made of neoprene (the same fabric as wetsuits) and the pieces need to air dry after being used.

Toddlers work on their hand-eye coordination when they place the critters inside the boat. And the boat doubles as a water dispenser when it's time to rinse off.

This airtight polar bear is actually a ring toss game for the tub. The polar bear is weighted to float face up, and kids can toss rings onto its legs or stack them on its belly.

Toddlers can learn their letters and numbers through these felt ones; they stick to the tub when wet.

Kids go fishing and thereby, give their motor skills an aquatic workout.

The frog suctions to your tub, and your kiddo inserts the pieces into the correct slots to feed it. In doing so, kids learn about shapes and colors.

This baby shark floats, swims and spins after your kid winds up the bottom fin to activate movement. Hence, cause and effect.

It's bathtub basketball. The net suction to the tub, and kids throw the fish inside it.

This four-piece set comes with both a rescue boat and helicopter, as well as two captains who can perform any bathtub rescue mission your child can think up, turning a mere bath into an open-ended play session. The set is made of recycled milk jugs and can be washed in your dishwasher to prevent soap scum and mold from building up.

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