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Best Bath Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Make bath time more bubbly with these floating, squirting, squeaking, splashing bath toys.

Bath time should be fun. But too often, it’s a headache for parents and babies. And that’s why you need the best bath toys for toddlers and kids.

The shampoo may be tearless, but bath time can still cause plenty of sobbing. Kids have a natural fear of being submerged in a tub of water. Parents have a natural fear of going deaf from their kids’ screams echoing off of the bathroom wall. A properly deployed (and properly cleaned) bath toy is one of the best ways to prevent everyone’s fears from coming true. Rubber ducks are the classic choice, but don’t limit yourself. Here are the best bath toys for babies and toddlers.

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Best Bath Toys for Toddlers and Kids

How brilliant is this? A bath toy that attaches and draws water from the tub, thus creating an endless aquatic stream to keep your kid entertained.

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Kids learn to sort, spin gears, and boost their hand-eye coordination by using the cups to collect water from the spout. And because kids turn the water flow on and off, they learn cause and effect.

To avoid any shower drama, we suggest investing in this sweet little starfish shower attachment, which has a gentle spray to rinse off soap and shampoo.

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This shower head attachment has a diverter that lets you switch between your showerhead and the hand-held sprayer, and because kids don’t love the kind of water pressure adults appreciate, this one gives you a gentle, light, steady spray. And it gets kids used to transitioning from the bath to the shower. 

This bath toy suctions to the wall, and kids can use it as a mini sprinkling can, turn dials, and create a steady stream of water that travels through the toy and into the tub.

Not every toy needs to be educational. This one, though, is both fun and can teach kids about water pressure and gravity.

Kids can use these suction cup tentacles to stick these jellies to the tub, the wall, and onto each other.

These little jellyfish don’t sting, but they do stick. Kids will love stacking them onto each other into giant jelly towers, and sticking them all over the tub and shower walls.

What makes bath time less boring? Why, this set of four baby shark toys of course: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark and William!

The sharks squirt water out of their mouths. Thankfully, they do this without breaking into song.

All you need to know about this baby bath toy is that it lights up when it touches the water.

You can choose among other critters, but we’re partial to this mythical creature. It has multicolor lights and is soft and squeezable. Wheeeee! 

This baby shark (we're sensing a theme here) floats, swims and spins after your kid winds up the bottom fin to activate movement.

And by winding up the bath toy, your child just might hone his or her hand-eye coordination skills. So it’s a win-win.

This will probably (hopefully) be the most expensive bath toy you’ll ever purchase, but it's wroth it.

The battery operated toy attaches to the tub, creating a water circulation pumping that draws water through the submarine to the shower head and circulating the water flow into a funnel that creates chain reaction of silly sprays that will keep your toddler entertained — and in the tub longer than they need to be there.

What's better than oddly cute critters? Why, floating critters with a net to catch them, of course.

Kids catch their creatures in a net, and practice hand-eye coordination while doing it.

Brilliant! A ring toss for the tub!

The polar bear is weighted to float facing up and kids toss rings on its legs or stack them on its belly.

Kids mix and match the tops and bottoms of these bath toys, which are also dishwasher-safe.

Sure, these are fun. And they’re easy to clean. But they also teach kids color-matching and hand-eye coordination.

Hape makes sensational toys, and this bath frog helps toddlers learn all about shapes.

The bath frog suctions to your tub, and your toddler inserts the pieces into the correct slots to feed it.

This 16-piece set includes eight hulls and eight sails, which link together to form a sailboat parade.

Boats for the bathtub. Groundbreaking. But these boats have a neat trick: The removable masts allow your toddler to match the shapes on the hulls to those on the masts, as well as match colors.

These animals float and squirt water, which makes them perfect for the tub (or the pool).

Unlike other squirt toys, these aren’t junky, and the animals actually look like … elephants and rhinos.

You don't need to worry about feeding this fish, which lights up the second it hits the water.

This fishy friend looks entertainingly similar to the real koi you would find in a sushi restaurant’s garden pond, but it does way more than just swim around your bathtub. The second it touches the water, the fish lights up in a hue of rainbow colors — making it more fanciful for fun than a normal animal floaty.

These faux stickers attach to the tub only when they're wet, which is a neat trick.

These “stickers” only cling to bathtub walls when wet — perfect for convincing your toddler to get into the water. The Beep Beep edition of these bathtub stickers feature roads, an ice cream truck, motorcycle, school bus, racecars, and road signs so your little one can create their own road system and take a journey.

Toddlers stick the suction cup rings to the bathtub wall one above the other and then arrange the three reservoirs and the propeller any way they want. They learn cause and effect, as water travels through the cups at different speeds.

It’s like a science lab slash water park for your tub.

These stacking cups link up, stack up, strain, and pour water — all without you having to worry about them trapping water and molding.

The cups nest within each other and allow toddlers to create all sorts of play patterns.

This four-piece set comes with both a rescue boat and helicopter, as well as two captains who can perform any bathtub rescue mission your child can think up.

The set is made of recycled milk jugs and can be washed in your dishwasher to prevent soap scum and mold from building up.

This multifunctional tool is a mountable bath toy holder with ample space to store and air dry all those toys, and also the best toy in the tub.

Because kids always prefer the box the stuff comes in over the actual stuff. Oh, and it scoops water to rinse your kid.

These floating bubbles have toys inside that spin and rattle. They keep babies entertained and stimulated their senses.

They’re fun, and they’re the perfect size for baby hands to move around.

You fill this toy with water, let it rain, and stop the rain when you cover the top hole.

That’s not what the weatherman meant by, “Chance of showers,” but you shouldn’t have to pray for actual rain every time you want to get your kid clean. This toddler bath toy can also cleverly illustrate basic physics and the water cycle to your kid, so it doubles as an educational tool.

Stuffed animals that double as wash mitts? Genius.

SoapSox are stuffed animals that can go in the tub. Better still, they transform into a scrub mitt. Not a fan of hippos? SoapSoxs come in dolphins, sharks, Disney characters, and more.

You crank this toy to create bubbles and more bubbles.

If the seas are too calm for your little Ahab, this bubble bath whisk will stir things up.

Unlike other pull-and-go toddler bath toys on the market that pull but don’t go, Skip Hop’s monkey-in-a-sub actually does zip across the tub.

Not only that, but it encourages fine motor skills in the kid who’s yanking the string.

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