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The Best Robot Dogs That Bark and Play On Command


There comes a time in every parent’s childrearing journey when your kids start begging for a pet. If you’re not ready for one, a robot dog toy can be a viable alternative. Or at least a stopgap measure, one that doesn’t necessitate walks during downpours or the need to scoop turds.

Robot dogs run the gamut both in price and features, so decide what matters to you. If you just want a cute little robotic puppy for your toddler, don’t spend a ton and get something that’s cuddly that barks or wags its tail. Older kids will want a dog that’s responsive and loaded with features; better yet if they can teach it specific tricks or commands. Either way, kids can get the benefits of pet-ownership, like bonding and play, without the responsibility of, you know, actual pet ownership.  

Preschoolers convinced they're ready to handle a real dog can take this yapping puppy for walks using the leash. It's cuddly and wags its tail.

This robot dog, great for kids 4 and up, flips his bone, shakes his paws, and barks on command. He also eats treats and poops them out. Plus, he responds with 100 sound-and-motion combinations and makes all sort of happy canine sounds.

Both a robotic pet and a Bluetooth speaker, this dog lets kids listen to Frozen while teaching it tricks. Using the app, kids 4 and up can feed the dog and teach it to perform stunts. He's responsive to voices, and follows commands like roll over, sit, and lie down. Best of all, he goes to sleep on command.

Harry, as the company calls him, runs off of three AA batteries, which are included. Once he gets going, the Dalmatian pup barks, talks, and makes other dog sounds, all while walking around your space. Multiple sensors that run from tip to tail respond to your child’s touch, eliciting songs and surprises, while his special 'Bump n Go' feature allows him to explore the room’s confines. It’s a ton of fun for ages 2 and up. When kids pull his tail, he farts.

Rollie has over 35 sounds and actions that your child can trigger through patting his back, placing him on his side, and more. He also loves to snuggle and kiss. Finally, we liked the included adoption certificate, which can be useful for explaining the concept of responsibility to children. Because of its advanced functions, it’s best for kids ages 5 and older.

This dog is so realistic, you almost forget it's not a real dog. It has a heartbeat, fur that feels like actual fur, and voice recognition. Great for kids 5 and up, this canine barks when you talk to it, and even moves like the real thing.

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