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Essential Baby Sleep Gadgets & Products For New Parents

From 'smart' monitors and sound machines to magnetic PJs and silent swaddles.

Getting your baby to sleep through the night almost feels as attainable and realistic as doing shots without having a hangover. But the thing is, babies need sleep. Newborns sleep up to 17 hours a day. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants four to 12 months old should sleep 12-16 hours every 24 hours. Children one to two years of age should sleep 11-14 hours. That’s a whole lot of sleep. And everywhere you look, there are sound machines and baby monitors that promise your kids will get more of it.

Here are baby sleep essentials that every new parent needs at home. Will they guarantee you eight hours of blissful shut-eye? Hell, no. But will they make your infant sleep better, and longer? Hopefully, hell yes. Just be aware that roughly two-thirds of babies are able to sleep through the night by six months, so don’t go celebrating quite yet.

How is the baby sleeping? How well do they nap? Are they sleeping through the night? How’s sleep training going? Are you getting any sleep? When you become parents, Zzzs and how you and your kids achieve them become the hottest topic around. That’s because nothing dominates a new parent’s life than how they — and their kids — are sleeping. It’s a trying time for all involved but, with the help of some essential sleep gear, parents can gain the upper hand. Here are the baby sleep items we love.

This combination of nightlight and white noise maker is so handy that we’re amazed no one thought of it sooner.

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Controlled via an app from your phone, you can select multiple hues, all of which have been shown to aid in your child’s circadian rhythm, while white noise’s benefits, backed by science, allow for deep, restful sleep all through the night. Plus, it’s also a handy audio baby monitor, and a sleep training clock.

This baby sound machine also projects stars and the moon onto the nursery ceiling.

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You can choose between four lullabies and four nature sounds, and set this to play through the night.

Download the Miku app, and you get all the sleep data you want and need. The monitor measures breathing, temperature, humidity, sound, and motion in real time.

Parents can rest easy knowing their babies are getting their rest, thanks to Miku. This next-level baby monitor tracks everything, from humidity to breathing, and even has night vision paired with top-tier optics and HD storage.

The Nanit Plus is a beautifully designed baby monitor that provides a clear, bird’s eye view of a child in-crib. More so, it has a deep array of sleep-tracking tech that logs enough data to put even the most neurotic of new parents’ minds to ease.

The Nanit Plus, a follow up to the original Nanit, is a small, square camera that’s made to be placed above a crib, aiming directly down for an overhead view. It’s well designed and unobtrusive, mounting as simply as a shelf. It’s equipped with a wide-angle lens that streams 1280×960 resolution to your phone or tablet 24/7. It also boasts two-way audio, a soft-glow nightlight, sound- and motion-detectors, and, thanks to an array of infrared LEDs, crisp, clean night vision. Nice touch: even when the Internet is down, the Nanit continues to stream over Wi-Fi. All of these features allow for a perfectly framed view of a baby in their crib.

Weighted blankets have no proven therapeutic value, but adults swear by them. This is the baby version thereof.

This baby sleep sack is lightly weighted and the chest pad is filled with non-toxic poly beads.

Made to keep parents sane, this swaddle can zip up or down to make cinching up baby quick and easy, and to enable quick diaper changes.

An inner band keeps squirmy babies snug, and it’s quiet velcro won’t startle them awake as you adjust it. Breathable mesh keeps them cool, and there’s extra room in the hips for growing babies. Plus, the medium and large sizes have openings for babies arms, as they start to wean from swaddling.

A lot of parents love this excellent, well-priced, portable bassinet — and so do we. It has mesh walls and a memory foam mattress to help baby sleep comfortably.

It sets up quickly with clip-on legs and breaks down quickly and stores flat in the included, zip-up carrying case. All fabrics are machine-washable, including the zip-off mattress cover and the extra soft-knit sheet. Usable from birth until baby reaches 20 pounds or starts to sit up on hands and knees.

Secured to the crib by magnets, this plus bear's cry sensor technology actively listens for a baby’s wails for up to 40 minutes after you turn it on.

If your little one starts to whimper, it emits a soothing symphony of pink noise, which mimics the sounds of the womb, and helps relax him or her back to sleep. If your baby is sleeping soundly, Whisbear goes into standby mode, ready to turn back on at the first sound of trouble.

This brilliant swaddler allows for self-soothing, unlike traditional swaddles which hold your baby’s arms down while he or she sleeps.

Instead of keeping your baby’s hands at his or her side, this baby swaddler lets them keep their arms up, around their head. It has a dual zipper for easy diaper changes, and its wings prevent any face-scratching. 

This dual-firmness, infant-to-toddler mattress is constructed with a base of soft-yet-sturdy eco foam, and a soft-knit, organic cotton cover.

The cover also features waterproof backing, and a flammability barrier. The real draw here, though, is the presence of two specific mattress sides: one for infants, and one for toddlers. The infant side is coated with KulKote Gel for optimal temperature regulation, while the toddler side features durable and supportive microcoils, which help relieve pressure and improve posture.

So you're going to grandma's house, and you want to take your crib along? The Brica Fold 'n Go is the answer.

This portable bassinet folds right up when you’re done. But when you’re using it, it sets up and folds down in seconds. It has a locking frame and durable side walls for stability, and ventilated mesh panels for breathability. You can use it from birth until your baby is either three months old, or 15 pounds. And of course, never leave it on an elevated surface.

Cocoon is another smart baby monitor that not only lets parents watch live high-def footage of their baby snoozing, but also track their vital signs and breathing using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

And it can do both from across the room, without requiring the child to wear any additional gadgets. Not only that, but when your baby becomes a toddler, the camera’s motion sensor will alert you when they’ve climbed out of bed and are making a run for it.

Ain't nothing worse than finally getting your kid ready for bed only to realize that ooops-they-crapped-their-pants and, guess who's starting the whole process over again? If they were wearing a ZippyJam, however, that diaper change would be a breeze.

These sleepers feature an ingenious, patent-pending two-zipper design: one zipper runs from foot to collar for dressing, the other along the inseam for easy diaper access. They’re made of organic cotton, use lined zippers that won’t pinch, and are available in a number of colorful styles with fun names like Go Go Geometric and Sleepy Clouds.

Here's the big sell with the SwaDo Swaddle: It's got a new type of patented fastener that uses friction, rather than Velcro-styled hooks and teeth, to adhere. Essentially, the soft micro-fiber fleece material sticks to itself ⏤ and it's cool.

It also holds snug and makes zero noise when opened and closed, so there’s little chance of accidentally waking up the baby in the middle of the night with a loud rip.

Not only does the Tuscany 4-in-1 exceed all US and Canadian safety standards (CPSC and ASTM) and is JPMA certified, but it's made out of solid wood, has a beautiful classic design, and, is a bargain with a price tag under $200.

Better still, the Stork Craft’s a one-time purchase and grows with your child, converting from crib, to toddler, day, and then full-size bed.

This adorable sound soother attaches to the outside of your baby's crib with Velcro. It has eight sounds and melodies, including those mimicking a heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf, classical lullaby, and whale sounds.

You can choose whatever animal strikes your fancy. The sound soother has two timer options and shuts in 23 or 45 minutes. Just make sure it’s securely fastened to the exterior of the crib and doesn’t get inside it.

It can run for an hour at a time using the built-in timer, and the batteries reportedly last up to 60 hours before needing to be replaced. Tranquilo's washable, water-resistant, and comes in two sizes ⏤ one for the crib, and one for the stroller, carrier, or car seat.

Assuming the Snoo Smart Sleeper is a little too pricey for the baby registry, the portable (and much cheaper) Tranquilo Soothing Mat is also based on Dr. Karp’s five Ss. Created by a maternity nurse and certified Happiest Baby Educator from Boston, the roll-up mat (which was featured on Shark Tank) calms babies using three levels of vibration and two heartbeat modes.

Because zippers are a pain and nobody's ever explained why they put snaps on baby clothes, Magnetic Me is an ingenious line of infantware that fastens using magnets sewn into the material.

They pop open, they pop closed. No struggle to snap that baby’s onesie up after a late-night diaper change. They’re available for newborns thru 4T and styles include everything from footies and PJs to lightweight dresses and heavy fleece overcoats.

The Nose Frida is the weirdest most gimmicky-looking product out there for kids. It's essentially a booger-sucking straw that parents use to suck mucus out of a baby's nose.

Yes, the concept is disgusting. But here’s the thing: It works. And when your baby is out cold and not crying because their nose is stuffed up, you’ll be swearing by it.

Ease of use is paramount when it comes to portable travel cribs, which is why the 13-pound Baby Bjorn's one-motion set up is so attractive: simply pop the frame and the legs automatically swing into place.

It has a slightly tapered pyramid shape for added stability, and your baby monitor shouldn’t have any trouble seeing through the mesh sides.

We like this portable travel crib because it also expands into a play-yard when you unzip the sides and suddenly, you have 60 percent more space. Twice the fun, for one price.

You can use this portable travel crib from birth on, until your child turns three. You just unzip the travel crib and it turns into a play-yard. The sides are made of mesh, for air-ability. It fits standard travel crib sheets and folds up for travel and storage.

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