Sex During Pregnancy: 4 Things To Know About The Third Trimester


Having sex with a pregnant lady is a privilege. If you don’t believe it, just consider the hundreds of pervs out there willing to fork out money to a discretely billed website just to get a look at the action. Actually, with that in mind, having sex with any lady is a privilege. Moving on.

You may have had fun times throughout the pregnancy (you lucky so and so), but at some point in the third trimester you might start approaching her more cautiously. After all, that baby looks like it’s getting big. Also, she’s grunting all the time. And she never looks really comfortable.

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Plus is it actually safe? Could she just orgasm the baby right out of her? You’ll be happy to know that the answers to those questions are; yes it is, and no she certainly can’t (although everyone can agree that would be quite a sight).


Third Trimester Sex Is Completely Safe

If there were an asterisks connected to that headline, it would be “under most circumstances.” There are some reasons to not have sex during the third trimester:

  • History of miscarriage
  • Previous preterm labor
  • A placenta that covers the cervix (a.k.a. placenta previa)
  • The presence of a prematurely erupted membrane
  • An incompetent cervix

That last one being an actual medical condition and not just a term for the Zack Snyder of cervixes. In most other circumstances, you’ll be able to get it on just fine as long as everyone is DTF. Just make sure your doctor gives the old all clear. But, like, way ahead of time, because it would be super awkward to call them on the after-hours line right beforehand.

Later Sex, Earlier Delivery?

There’s a persistent old wive’s tale about how having sex during the third trimester can lead to premature babies. Well, good news for those who can’t bear the thought of 13 weeks without sex (so, presumably, most of you): Not only is this not true, but research suggests the opposite may be. According to a 2001 study, sex late into pregnancy reduces the likelihood of delivery before week 37. So, have at it while you’re both young, because old wives apparently are just out there lying to people.

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A Note On Positions

You could just go ahead and run this game plan from a hilarious mom (who recommends things like going all “pie eating contests” downtown). Or you could string together a set of positions that seem to work best for late pregnancy sex.

These include laying side by side and getting her on the edge of the bed. There’s plenty more to round out your repertoire over at The Bump. Which also happens to be that round thing between you and your partner that you somehow have to navigate to get some sweet nookie.

Will You Poke The Baby?

No, dude. And just stop thinking about it already, okay?

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