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The Best Legos for Adults Because Legos Aren’t Just for Kids

Building a 3,898-piece soccer stadium is a seriously worthwhile endeavor.

We’ve long waxed poetic about the joys, and developmental benefits, of building Lego sets. Children learn the basics of problem solving as they figure out what bricks belong where. They engage in open-ended play, since they can combine the shapes and colors to build castles or boats or dinosaurs or wombats. And there’s the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing more than a pile of small plastic shapes. But, as many parents have learned, Legos can be just as gratifying for grown-ups, and Lego sets for adults are just a little bit more complex and interesting — but just as fun.

Legos for adults are weirdly satisfying for the same reason that kids love them. Billie Lourd built Lego Architecture sets during lockdown, she revealed during a podcast interview, because it gave her brain a workout. Orlando Bloom is a fan of Lego car sets, a hobby he shares on Instagram. All this is to say that there’s absolutely no shame in loving Legos because, quite frankly, they’re an awesome way to kill some hours while also putting your creativity to work.

So stunning you can hang this up on your wall, this 2,650 piece set is basically a mosaic that's intricately beautiful and unexpectedly cool. It's a next-level art project that requires concentration and focus.

Even if your younger self didn't dream of becoming an astronaut, you'll appreciate the detail of this set. The 864-piece model has two rotating joints with eight adjustable solar panels and two cargo spacecrafts. And a display stand, of course.

We all grew up with Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. This 1,367-piece building kit is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the timeless series and lets you build the 123 Sesame Street building and Hooper’s Store. The set also features Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie minifigures.

Lady Liberty comes to life in this 1,685 set, which pays tribute to the most iconic of New York's landmarks. It's 17 inches tall when finished and incredibly detailed, torch and all.

This legendary set of wheels has a roof rack with a tracking antenna to monitor psychokinetic energy. See any ghosts in the wild? Trap them with the Remote Trap Vehicle. And of course, there's a curved windshield and modular steering wheel as part of this 2,352-piece set.

Soccer Legos don't exist. Except for this set, that is. If you're into Manchester United (which gave us David Beckham), or just miss the energy of live sports events, you need this set. It's a replica of the Old Trafford-Manchester United stadium and, at 3,898 pieces, is one epic project.

No matter what life throws your way, you know that Monica will still be a clean freak and Joey will still be obtuse. And they'll hang out at Central Perk, which you can recreate with this 1,070-piece set.

Back before we had the Oculus or the Xbox or the Switch, we had the basic Nintendo set, in all its glory. The gamer in your life (that means you) will dig this 2,646-piece model, which is an '80s-style TV displaying the classic Super Mario game.

This 2,573-piece LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender has working steering, a four-speed sequential gearbox, independent suspension, a six-cylinder engine, and a working winch. So yeah, this thing is pretty awesome.

So the other adult LEGO sets aren't quite tough enough? Then behold this 9,036-piece kit. The Colosseum features historic architectural details like the surviving archways, as well as travertine paving stones and olive trees. In other words, days and days of building fun.

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