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The Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Can Still Be Delivered In Time

Because let's be honest, the clock's almost up for Mother's Day gift shopping.

It happens. Maybe work got crazy; maybe it just crept up on you. Maybe you’re a dipshit and it slipped your mind. Whatever the case, you forgot to order a Mother’s Day gift and now the big day is almost upon you. Don’t start thinking about gas station flowers or drugstore candy just yet. We collected an assortment of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that, thanks to Amazon Prime and other expedient shipping options, won’t show up in Monday’s mail. Just note that due to Covid-19 shipping delays, the variety of items you can order last minute is more limited this year.

Best of all, these are actually thoughtful gifts that make it seem like you put actual thought and effort into picking them out. Happy shopping.

A classic journal that pays tribute to the badass woman she is. The thick ivory pages elevate the fine art of taking notes.

A quiet, understated essential oil diffuser that has a 12-hour run time and automatic shutoff. And silent enough to never interfere with her sleep.

Chances are, she won't be going on vacation this summer. So get her a deeply moisturizing body oil that smells like a day at the beach. It makes her hair shinier and her skin softer.

A candle isn't the most original of gifts. So make it that much more special with this three-wick blend of white florals and fresh citrus. Plus, bamboo symbolizes harmony and balance, which we could all use more of.

This travel coffee mug keep her java hot for 3 hours, is app-controlled, and lets her choose the exact temperature she wants, between 120°F - 145°F.

This beautiful leather case protects her AirPods Pro while also charging them.

A funky dish for her rings, keys, AirPods, and other sundries.

An easy way to upgrade her daily shower: This swanky shampoo and conditioner make her hair soft and glossy, and the lightweight hair oil makes it shiny and lustrous. Plus it all smells heavenly.

And while you're at it, get her this natural cactus bristle brush from the beloved British skin care brand. It exfoliates and energizes.

This sleek digital photo frame has touch-screen functionality and 1280x800 resolution. She can display and share her favorite snaps.

Spas are closed. So bring the spa to her with this exfoliating facial brush. In just one minute, it lifts away dirt, oil, and excess sebum, and makes her skin feel smoother and firmer.

Summer means heat. And heat means she needs to drink even more water. A beautiful glass bottle like this one makes staying hydrated a pleasure, not a chore.

Each month, she gets $100 worth of premium beauty products delivered; the box includes everything from serums to sheet masks to moisturizers.

The foodie will dig this olive oil subscription, which includes the brand's signature Alive and Wake blends. All the olives are sourced from a single-estate California farm.

Prices vary depending on what she likes, but this very cool brand sends her wine by the glass, from all over the world, monthly or quarterly. It's wine tasting, brought to her.

If she loves to garden, she'll love this subscription. Each month she gets live plants, gardening tips, properly portioned ingredients, and tools.

If she's wanted to learn to bake, or how to write short stories, or how to play guitar, this is the time to do it, from the experts in the field. In this case, her instructor is cronut creator and acclaimed pastry chef Dominique Ansel.

The newest member of the Kindle family is much easier on the eyes, and reduces eye strain. It's waterproof, so she can read it in the bath or by the pool. For bonus points, get the kids out of the house so she can read in peace.

A timeless bag, this circular-shaped beauty holds all her essentials and is more from supple leather.

If herbal tea is her jam, this stainless steel infuser cup should do the trick. After picking out her favorite loose tea, she uses the lid to keep her tea hot while steeping. The strainer basket rests on the lid to catch drips.

While not the most romantic of gifts, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker has 20 hours of playtime and is pretty much perfect for summer.

These organic cotton slip-ons feel like she's getting a foot rub.

A gentle cleanser that comes with a muslin and flannel cloth, specially formulated for sensitive skin. It's loaded with vitamins and certified organic.

If she's too busy to shop (or, frankly, hates the whole process), bring the clothes to her with this curated subscription box. Price vary based on item, but she gets 30 days to choose what to keep, and can send back the rest.

Refreshing and invigorating, this soap and lotion set is perfect for a time when proper hand washing is crucial, yet also dries out the skin.

Get her favorite bottle of wine, and decant it to let it breathe and release its flavors. The pinot will taste that much better without sulfites or sediment, which this purifier removes by using filters.

For $10 a month, she can follow along and learn to play songs by Adele, Keith Urban, or R.E.M. How? Via step-by-step lessons, progress tracking, and personalized lesson paths created by instructors.

Warmer weather is upon us, and there's nothing more cooling or relaxing than sleeping on a silk pillowcase like this one. This is a luxurious 600 thread count silk pillowcase that comes in a variety of colors, and feels amazing when you're lying on it.

Upgrade her sleep with this lovely mask; it comes with a gel insert to help her cool off during the night if she runs hot.

Margaret Atwood, one of today's most acclaimed writers, helps her pen her own book, by teaching about narrative, point of view, and character development.

Please do not get her trashy stripper lingerie. Instead, get her this bamboo-based sleepwear set that is cute and comfortable. She'll sleep like the angel she is in this breathable and soft pajama set, which is ideal for summer. It's made from bamboo viscose fabric that keeps her cool.

For $15 a month, she can learn to paint from gifted artist Cat Coquillette. She'll learn about composition, color palettes, brush control techniques, and making good use of white space.

These dope-looking in-ear headphones have 4 hours of playback time, Bluetooth functionality, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and a touch-button for controlling music and phone calls.

Each month, she gets a set of pre-planted bulbs, ranging from pink lilies to orange amaryllis to tulips; grow pots are included.

Once you eat homemade pasta, you'll never think of dry, bagged tagliatelle the same way again. In this case, she'll learn the fine art of making family pasta recipes directly from a kitchen in Florence. By hand.

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