The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Dads

Being a procrastinator has its perks.

by Donna Freydkin
Originally Published: 
One of our best last minute gift ideas, set against a blue background.

Look, maybe in a perfect world, you would have started hunting for the ideal Father’s Day weeks ago. In that same nonexistent perfect world, you’d obviously keep a running spreadsheet of gift ideas for dads and everyone else you care about. That perfect world would never leave you hustling for last-minute gifts for your better half. Alas! We don’t live in that perfect world, and here you are, empty-handed and down to the wire, and scouring the internet for last-minute gift ideas. Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up some inspired, awesome gifts for dad that you can nail down in 15 minutes and he can enjoy now. Best of all, he’ll think you spent days painstakingly picking these out. And listen, by now, everyone knows how to navigate Amazon and get next-day shipping, so we’ll sidestep the obvious and find the offbeat.

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