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These High-End James Bond Men’s Swim Trunks Have Us Shaken and Stirred

Orlebar Brown has created "The 007 Heritage Collection" and we want it all.

Other than Sean Connery’s dad bod in Diamonds Are Forever, most men don’t actually look like James Bond. Most of us, on our best days, are closer to James Bond’s cool friends, like Jeffrey Wright in Casino Royale. Heck, if you’re anything like me, you’re rocking those Ben Whishaw cardigans during the colder months. But what if, during the warmer months, we could all dress a little bit like Bond? What if we could channel the kitschy coolness of Bond clothes into the ultimate dad summer outfit?

Enter high-end men’s clothing brand Orlebar Brown, which has created an amazing line of James Bond casual wear. The clothes range from rad swimming trunks and beach shirts with cool James Bond art to clothes designed to evoke the feeling of Bond and other pieces that are outright replicas of things Bond actually wore.

Here’s the stuff that caught our eye the most, and made us say, in our best (read: worst) Sean Connery voice: “Shocking, positively shocking.”

This is a short-sleeved button-up in the style of Sean Connery's James Bond in 'Thunderball.' This shirt is more poolside Bond than beach Bond, but for dads, that's a good balance.

Orlebar Brown prides itself on its tailored swim shorts, and it's true that they're more like regular shorts that you can also swim in. However, would these shorts be okay in space? 'Moonraker' is the James Bond in space movie and nothing says cool dad like James Bond in spaaaaace.

James Bond wears pink. James Bond wears pink. James Bond wore pink in the 1960s. It's fine for dads to wear pink.

Okay, so this really is James Bond at the beach. Literally. In 'Dr. No' Sean Connery's Bond even sang a few bars of a song called 'Underneath the Mango Tree' when he was on the beach. True story!

We like these because a lot of men's swim trunks are just too long. The short length of the Sean Connery James Bond swim trunks suits us just fine. Not every man wants to have swim trunks that make him look like a surfer. These are perfect.

This Polo is in the style of the Connery-era Bond in 'Dr. No.' It's not exactly the one he wore in 'Dr. No,' but it's the kind of thing he would have worn, had he been slightly more chilled out. This one might be our secret favorite.

Underwater Bond is the best Bond! If you're going to have James Bond swimwear, it feels weird not to have ones that depict James Bond underwater. Right?

Roger Moore was secretly the casual Bond. This V-neck is straight from Moore's most underrated James Bond movie ever, 'For Your Eyes Only.' Though this shirt is, theoretically, for everyone's eyes.