Time for America to Make Fingerlings Burp and Fart

The new toy craze comes with some unflattering features. Here's how to activate them.

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Like it or not, Fingerlings are the new, big toy craze sweeping the nation. The Wowee toy company’s tiny, adorable monkeys demonstrate the key behavior of a fad toy: selling out lightning-fast on online retailers only to pop up on eBay at hilariously inflated prices. They also cling to your fingers! If you were one of the lucky parents who snagged a Fingerling toy for your kids off the shelf in time or wrestled one from the hands of a weaker, less-dedicated shopper, your kid is now in possession of a laughing, cooing, blinking robot ape. Eventually, this child will discover on their own that this ape can burp and fart. If you show your child this feature before they do, you will be the coolest parent for the foreseeable future.

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Helping your kids figure out how to make the little toys expel some gas out either end is actually fairly easy. To make a Fingerling fart, cup the top of the toy’s head with your hand. The Fingerling will immediately cut the cheese. After that first blast, expect this performance to be repeated at the dinner table for the next several month. Making a Fingerling burp is similarly easy, but one requires one extra step. To get it to let out a belch, simply hold it upside down, and cradle its head the same way you would to get it to fart.

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Fingerlings make over 40 different sounds and respond to a ton of different input, so if it doesn’t work the first try, go again. Chances are your kid will get it to fart by accident anyway, and it’s arguably easier for them to make it produce rude noises than not. If you’re still having trouble, check out the handy video guide below.

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