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The Best Toy Subscription Boxes For Kids

These personalized shipments of toys, games, and projects serve as a curated way to keep your kids entertained — and excited for the mail.

Chances are, you’re already subscribed to monthly boxes that keep your sock game strong, dog’s breath fresh, or coffee supply steady. In addition to boxes geared towards making adult’s lives easier, there are several services that provide the same sort of service for kids. These are highly personalized, monthly toy subscription boxes of kids toys, games, projects, and activities that teach them about global cultures, STEM, coding, building, sustainability, art, and any other interest young children can dream up. The only thing you have to do is pick the one that feels most right for your kids.

Marky Box

Marky Art Box -- toy subscription box

Not to be confused with the Marky Mark box (which, we assume, is full of Funky Bunch cassettes and used Calvin Kleins), Markybox is a subscription service that delivers a new box of arts and crafts supplies to your door every month. And no, not a few sheets of construction paper and some glitter. Recent boxes have included plaster molding, paper marbling, screen printing, tin screening, string art, papier mache, and fabric dying. Each box includes a single project that’s been curated or designed by a “world-renowned contemporary artist” (like Will Farrell) and comes complete with instructions and all the supplies necessary for two people (age 4+) to get their hands dirty. ($40 per month, $100 for three months)

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Green Kid Crafts

Promote your little maker’s STEM skills with creativity kits from Green Kid Crafts, like a basil and sprout gardening kit, or that timeless classic: the baking soda volcano. Depending on your child’s age, each box of 4-6 kits is either an opportunity for quality time together or an effective way to absorb their attention for a few hours while you get some work done. ($40 per month, $100 for three months)

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Surprise Ride

As seen on Shark Tank, Surprise Ride delivers a monthly “adventure” in the form of activities, lessons, instructions, fun facts, and snacks curated around a random theme. Your kid will know about everything from Amelia Earhart to bees, dragons, and Paris, all without ever thumbing through a World Book. Do they even make the World Book anymore? Doesn’t matter, you were in at “snacks.” ($24 monthly, $20 for six months, $19 for 12 months)

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Bitsbox delivers a new set of coding projects every month that allow kids to build real apps for real devices (in real life, despite being originally launched on Kickstarter). Because toys that teach coding are awesome, but an ongoing subscription service will keep your kid interested in coding long enough to land them one of those crazy future jobs that don’t exist yet. ($20 monthly PDF, $25 Basic, $40 Deluxe)

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Little Pnuts

Little Pnuts -- toy subscription box

Expect lots of wood and the words “heirloom” or “artisanal” in the product descriptions from Little Pnuts, whose boxes are filled with 3-5 sustainable, eco-friendly toys. They ship quarterly, rather than monthly, based on the belief that their toys are so awesome, your kid won’t want a new one for at least 3 months.
($25 monthly, $20 for 12 months)

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Groovy Lab In A Box

Groovy Lab In A Box -- toy subscription box

Groovy Lab In A Box lets your kid act on their natural inclination to build without mysteriously misplacing all your tools and office supplies. Each month, they’ll get a new science and engineering challenge with everything they need, down to the popsicle sticks, plus a detailed lab notebook of instructions. Your little STEMist will be wearing a pork pie hat and demanding you say their name in no time. ($30 monthly, $29 for 3 months, $28 for 6 months, $25 for 12 months)

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Bluum -- toy subscription box

Bluum monthly boxes contain 5 products customized by milestones rather than age so no two boxes are alike. Besides toys, stuffed animals, books, and snacks for Junior, each box includes a book or all-natural beauty products for you and the missus. It’s the subscription box version of going to Target for toilet paper and coming home with $300 worth of stuff you didn’t realize your family clearly needed. ($34 monthly, $29 for 6 months, $27 for 12 months)

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Little Passports

Little Passports -- toy subscription box

With Little Passports, each month your kid gets an adorable lunchbox filled with activities, stickers, maps, souvenirs, and a neat little luggage tag that help them explore a particular subject or part of the world. They experience foreign cultures without ever leaving the house — it’s the perfect helicopter parenting loophole. ($18 monthly, $17 for six months, $15 for 12 months)

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Brick Loot

This service was created by a nine-year-old Lego obsessive, and it’s still going strong even though he’s reached the ripe old age of 13. Each monthly box comes with 4-8 Lego items, from custom builds to exclusive Lego minifigures to third party accessories like lighting kits for Lego vehicles. Part of the fun of Legos is combine new and old pieces in new ways, and Brick Loot makes it easy to keep your kids building with a steady supply of new bricks. ($27 monthly, $26 for three months, $25 for six months, $25 for 12 months)

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Tadpole Crate

Parent company KiwiCo has seven different boxes pegged to specific age ranges and interests. We’re particularly fond of the Tadpole line for kids from 0 to 3 years old. Each box contains age-appropriate projects, a wonder magazine, a board book, and online resources organized around a specific theme. One example: ocean games, a theme with activities that helps kids develop early science and math skills through crafts, a fishing-themed game, and a book about animals finding their shells. ($20 monthly, $20 for three months, $19 for six months, $17 for 12 months)

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Amazon STEM Club Toy Subscription

Even Amazon is getting into the toy subscription game, with three different age ranges to choose from. Every one, two, or three months you’ll receive a new, age-appropriate toy selected by Amazon’s toy experts. Because it’s Amazon, the potential inclusions are nearly endless. If your kid is interested in STEM subjects (or if you want them to be), this service is a great choice, and it’s super easy to set up with your existing Amazon account. ($20 monthly)

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Wonder Crate

These boxes are designed to inspire the next generation of do-gooders. Each month, a themed package arrives with a book about a role model (e.g. Jane Goodall for an environmentalism-themed box), stories of kids making a positive impact, a values-based badge, and activities designed to get kids thinking about how they can make a positive impact on the world around them. ($30 monthly, $27 for three months, $25 for six months) 

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