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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Yes, even the really, really painfully picky ones.

Part of the art of finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is looking past the indifferent shrug of your average dad when asked what he’d like for Father’s Day. He’s probably not going to be much help — he might say he has everything he needs, and maybe he does. But a truly great gift isn’t about checking a box or replacing the busted hedge clippers. It’s about showing dad that you see and appreciate him, that you recognize he has his own interests and hobbies, and you love that, even if you don’t love the amateur insect collection on the kitchen counter.

It goes without saying that no one gift can sum up all the love, gratitude, and appreciation we feel for dads, but it’s still really nice to get a present that says: We know you. The best Father’s Day gifts simply make him feel understood.

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2020

For the dad who digs the outdoors, get him this handy 15 ounce LED flashlight that doubles as a 72-item survival kit. He unscrews the top, and inside, there's a Canadian candle, as well as a first aid kit, safety pints, bamboo cloth, a fire starter kit, waterproof matches, a wire saw, and a whistle, among other necessities.

At just 9 ounces, this is one lightweight fire pit that's also portable as hell. It burns clean, and he can light it up anywhere: in the yard, on the patio, or while camping out. He just empties the ash when done. It's 4.25 inches in diameter, so it's about as small as it gets.

No more chewy steak or dry chicken, thanks to this Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer. It has dual temperature sensors that can monitor internal meat temperature up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. And it guides you through the cooking process.

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Not only can he organize and store every single photo that means something to him, he can stream them from ibi to his TV with Fire TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast. There's also a great feature called the inner circle, where he can share snaps with specific friends.


Chances are good he'll be doing plenty of grilling this summer. So get him some steak knives worthy of the meat he throws on the fire. They have a black pakkawood handle is triple-riveted, and each ultra-sharp blade has its own sheath.

heavy duty yet sleek and streamlined, this is 24 inch toolbox for the handy dad. It has a tray, a triple-clasp lock, and is sizable enough to carry all his go-to hammers and nails. It's a standout item from the brand founded in 1947 in Chicago by Sigmund H. Danziger.

Jumping rope can be done anywhere. It works his entire body. It's a great way to boost his heart rate. And here's a smart idea: A jump rope that connects with an app to track his workouts.

Allbirds have introduced their first technical running shoe. These are ultra-light and made with the same innovative, renewable materials — tree fiber, wool, and a sugarcane insole — that give their shoes a zero-carbon footprint. They're also just comfortable as hell, and look great.

Designed to combat the skin's fatigue after sleepless nights, general stress, and, well, the occasional vice. GOA makes vegan, organic, high-quality skin-care products especially for men. This set includes GOA's Purifying Face Cleanser, Firming Shave Cream and Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil.

For the dad who can't find his keys: This compact key organizer has a Tile smart location that lets him track his missing keys on a map, using the app. There's room for 10 keys, and it includes a flashlight and bottle opener.

He doesn't have to board an overnight flight to enjoy all the luxury of Parachute's 100 percent extra fine merino wool travel set. It works perfectly as a 'napping kit' too, with light blanket, eye mask, and carrying case.

This a beautiful machine that makes a perfect wood-fired pizza. It's eminently portable (weighing in at 26 pounds) and super adaptable — it can be fueled with wood or charcoal, though easily hooked up to gas too, with an Ooni gas burner attachment (sold separately). When he's craving a slice, he'll get one in less than a minute. That's how long this showpiece of a pizza oven takes to cook an entire pie. You can churn out thick or thin crust pizza, or use it to cook steak, fish, vegetables, or chicken.

Help him elevate his grilling game with American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms — they'll deliver superb, sustainable and humanely raised Wagyu beef right to your backyard. With this grill pack, he'll get two 8-ounce filet mignons, two 6-ounce top sirloin steaks, two pounds of hot dogs, and two pounds of Wagyu ground beef.

The Peak Design tech pouch is made from weatherproof 200D nylon. It has origami-style internal pocket layouts for total organization. And it provides easy cable pass-through for charging phones and tablets, from the brand known for its elevated accessories.

This sexy beast of a growler is made of 18/8 stainless steel that keeps his beer cold all day. It's essentially a 128 ounce portable brewery, keeping his drinks fresh, carbonated, and easily accessible, wherever and whenever.

Have date night in your yard with Yeti's indestructible 10 ounce wine tumblers. They keep booze cold. They don't rust. They're dishwasher-safe. And there's absolutely no flavor leaching.

A pen worthy of James Bond, this one works no matter how he's holding it (upside down or sideways). But it's much more than a mere writing implement. It's made from machined steel with a tempered window-shattering tip design, and is hardy enough to crack a windshield.

Made from vegetable-tanned leather, this case only looks better as it ages. And it both protects and charges his AirPods Pro.

Clocking in at under an ounce, these workout headphones are among the lightest he'll ever wear. They're drop-proof. They're waterproof. They have 6 hours of battery life. And they let him take calls seamlessly, thanks to best-in-class Bluetooth technology.

A scent that manages to remain subtle while making a statement, Tom Ford's men's fragrance is the ultimate classic. It's woodsy, with notes of lemon, black pepper, and tobacco. In other words, both masculine and totally alluring. Like Tom himself.

Among the sleekest wallets you can buy, this one gives him full RFID protection and fits up to 12 cards, with even room for bills as well. No more Costanza wallet debacles, ever.

Staring at tablet and computer screens all day is a sad fact of life. These glasses help filter out blue light, and help him wind down and go to sleep.

These backpacks are built to withstand the zombie apocalypse. It's made of hardy 500D cordura fabric. It's sizable enough for camping yet compact enough for a park walk, and it has room for a computer sleeve, secondary document sleeve, and multiple internal mesh pockets to keep everything organized.

This minimalist pouch is great for weekend getaways. And it's just as suitable if he needs a bag to stash his chargers and other tech. It's made from colorblock canvas and will last pretty much forever.

A must for any WFH dad, this handsome charger powers up to 4 devices at one time. It also has USB-A and USB-C ports.

A brilliant blend of aesthetics and execution, this messenger bag is the epitome of smart organization. It has a weatherproof shell, and stowable strap system, external stash pockets, document and laptop sleeves, as well as stretchy internal pockets for smaller items.

Goes great with a birding book, but perfect for any outdoor pursuits, including birdwatching. With 8x magnification, and a field view of 377 feet at 1,000 yards, you can take in any and all vistas from afar.

The classic guide to birding in North America, first issued in 1934 and continuously updated since. A perfect way to spend summer days under partial lockdown, getting to know the wild birds of your own backyard.

Father's Day gifts shouldn't be practical — and definitely shouldn't come bundled with an expectation to do more yard work. That said, a Ryobi cordless chainsaw may be the lone exception. With a 10-inch bar and chain, this guy is ideal for pruning and light limbing, as much as most home owners will need.

This 25-ounce water bottle is self-cleaning, using the power of UV-C LED to zap nasty germs. You recharge it via USB; it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and coffee hot for 12 hours.

The new and much-improved Kindle is easier on the eyes and doesn't have that annoying little glitch when you turn the page. It has a 7-inch glare free screen, and a battery that literally lasts for weeks. Oh, and it's waterproof. Best of all is its adjustable warm light setting, which makes e-reading a pleasure.

From its removable collar to its underarm gussets, this is one hell of a comfortable shirt. Its made of mesh fabric that is breathable, quick-drying, and has four-way stretch. And yet, it's refined enough to wear out of the house.

By breaking up water droplets into tiny particles, the Nebia transforms an ordinary shower into a full-blown spa experience. It has six spray nozzles that envelope his body in warm water and steam, elevating an ordinary wash, rinse, repeat, into something he'll actually relish. Daily.

This leather and fabric pouch has compartments, so dad always stays organized. The internal mesh pockets leave plenty of space for chargers, pens, and other stuff he needs on hand.

No yard? No problem. This grill, which can be used indoors or out, heats up to 600 degrees in under 10 minutes. It's almost entirely smoke-free, and has automatic shut-off in 60 to 90 minutes. Steak has never looked or tasted better.

The first-ever Lamborghini hybrid supercar receives the Lego treatment it deserves with this 23-inch-long, 3,696-piece model that gets all of the details right. The skeleton doors open and close. The pistons in the V-12 engine move, as does the spoiler and the eight-speed gearbox. Its striking green paint job and copper-toned wheels replicate the precise aesthetic of the $2 million car, and while it’s on backorder at the moment and won’t arrive until after Father’s Day, this beauty is definitely worth the wait.

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