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The Best Unique Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

Options for every kind of dad.

Parenting is its own reward, and you can’t put a price-tag on love. We all know it. And yet, when Father’s Day rolls around each year, that’s sort of the task before us — scouring the Internet for the best Father’s Day gift that will reflect how much we value everything dads do. And it can’t just be a generic expression of gratitude — it’s about finding a gift for dad that he’ll actually appreciate and put to use.

This year, when so many of our activities are limited to home, backyard, and neighborhood, finding a creative gift for dad is a challenge — and an opportunity. Father’s Day gifts tap into his passions and interests, or maybe turn him on to something new, which is what all of the sub-$50 gifts below reflect. Chances are pretty good that you’ll be able to find something on this list that the husband or dad in your life will love. Happy shopping.

The Best Gifts for Dad Under $50

The Weekender is exactly that: a watch that fits any weekend occasion, from yanking on stubborn weeds all day Saturday to wandering around town on Suday. Both the face and strap are available in a myriad of styles and colors.

It's so important to keep learning, and in these stay-at-home times, dedicating oneself to gathering new expertise is time well spent. In this book, from renowned world whiskey expert Robin Robinson, the history, evolution and connoisseurship of whiskey are fully and richly contained. Robinson explores the global history of whiskey and recommends the best — and the best values — from around the world. This Father's Day, you can show how much you appreciate him by helping to better appreciate whiskey.

Whether basting a pork butt or tugging a rack of ribs to a different heat zone, a good pair of grilling gloves keeps your hands — and forearms — protected from the heat. This monster pair from Spitjack have five layers of protection that make them feel damn near indestructible. We say feel because no gloves are fire proof. But with these, you can pretty much pick up a hot coal for a second to move it around and not feel the burn.

Stainless-steel tumblers are at the heart of high-end hydration, and the Elevation 20 is a magnificent specimen from a company that’s known for durability. But the whole 'keeping drinks hot or cold for hours' angle is only half of the story, because you can accessorize the hell out of this thing with lids. In addition to a standard one for controlled sipping, there’s shaker lid for mixed drinks ($20), a French press lid for coffee ($30), a flavor infuser lid for tea ($30) and thermal lid for extra insulation ($35).

The handy dad can keep his tools organized with this Carhartt tool roll. It's got 18 slots for different tools;, plus three small parts pockets with hook and loop closures for small tools or utility items. It's just as suitable for tech gear, camping utensils or even art supplies.

Does dad love his AirPods more than most things? He deserves a case worthy of that love. The carabiner of this one always keeps them close by, and the rugged armor case charges the Apple AirPods Pro while also cushioning them during falls.

Help him keep his facial hair groomed and looking great with this Beard Envy kit, which includes a hydrating beard wash with aloe and soy protein, and boar bristle brush and a styling beard control product with jojoba oil.

Have a dad who loves getting everyone together for wiffle ball? He'd love Blitzball. The hexagonal paneled design of the ball makes it easy for young pitchers to throw sliders, curveballs, change-ups, and even knuckleballs, R.A. Dickey-style. The included 'power bat' evens the odds, giving hitters the chance to whack Blitzballs up to 200 feet. That might be a shallow fly in the majors, but it's pretty epic for backyard ball.

Every proper oenophile needs a proper corkscrew, and this is it. It has a double-hinged design with stainless steel foil cutter.

A classic design with updated materials, this military-style palm brush smooths and detangles men's hair, and also gives the scalp an energizing massage. Made with faux-leather strap and cruelty-free nylon bristles.

For decades, electric razors were instruments of face destruction, guaranteed to leave you with a patchy beard and missing flesh. That’s all changed thanks to high-tech shaving tools like the Philips OneBlade. With a cutter that slices at 200 rotations per second, this sleek hybrid razor can trim, edge, and prune any length of hair at practically any angle (even directly against the grain). It comes with three stubble combs: 1mm for a tight trim, 3mm for a persistent five-o’clock shadow and 5mm for a look that says, 'I can’t quite make up my mind about this whole beard thing.' It's a great last-minute Father's Day gift.

One Fatherly editor swears by this hybrid dry shampoo and styling paste, which sucks up oil and keeps stray hairs in place.

This 18-ounce cup has a glass interior, so whatever he drinks always tastes pristine. Cold drinks stay cool for up to 24 hours; coffee will stay hot up to 12 hours.

This popcorn maker does what a good popcorn maker should — cook kernels until they bloom into soft-crunch movie treats. But it also does it without spitting half the popped corn onto your counter instead of the bowl. The funneled lid guides them where they need to be.

The humble game of dominoes gets a facelift with this refreshing new look.

Dad can charge his Apple devices insanely fast with this cable, which wraps up neatly when he's done. The 4-foot braided cable is wrapped up and secured with an integrated leather belt so it's always ready to charge — and easy to find.

You can't get more understated than this sleek dopp kit from Chrome Industries. It features a commercial grade five-bar webbing hang strap, and is the go-to accessory for guys on the go.

This flashlight has five settings, and can survive a 10 foot drop or being temporarily submerged under water.

Headphone junkies love the sound quality and design of these affordable Audio Technicas. At just over six ounces, they're among the most lightweight you can buy.

So lightweight he'll forget he's even wearing it, this upgraded fanny pack is packable and has enough room for all his essentials, like keys, phone, and even a T-shirt.

Cast iron is as simple, tough and adaptable as it gets — cook anything over a campfire, on the grill, in the oven. From Salt Lake City–based Barebones, this skillet will do it all — hammer in tent stakes, or make perfect seared steaks at home. The skillet is pre-seasoned so you can use it right away.

French knife-maker Joseph Opinel fashioned his first single blade knife in 1890. Since then, his eponymous knives have only undergone minor changes. This beechwood-handled knife has been a classic for more than a century for good reason.

Throw anything in this bag — firewood, barbecue tools, fishing gear — and go. Made from a tough, water-resistant 1,200-denier polyester shell, it's as indestructible, useful, and reliable as bags come.

This set of two handblown whiskey glasses is a monumental twist on drinking scotch on the rocks — at the bottom of each glass is a topographic impression of Alaska's Denali, tallest mountain in North America. He'll drink to that!

While it's designed to fit the awesome Ooni backyard pizza oven, the Ooni baking stone works just as well in your home oven. At roughly 13-by-13 inches, it fits almost any oven and turns out exceptionally crispy pies

This pairs nicely with the Ooni pizza stone (above). From baker-surfer Chad Robertson, who co-founded Tartine Bakery in the Bay Area with his wife, pastry chef Elisabeth Prueitt, this bread bible will put the superpower of creating rustic artisanal sourdough bread and pizza into his hands.

First designed in 1948, this classic bullet pen elevates the basic task of note-taking. It works no matter what angle it's held,. Yes, even in zero gravity.

You get three hours of burn time with this portable campfire, which uses recycled soy wax. That means no smoky smell when you burn it in the yard or on your patio.

Thanks to its perfect fit, this sleek beanie can be worn anywhere, anytime, with anything.

This bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof, so even if a kid unclips the rugged carabiner and chucks it in the pool, you’re covered. Plus, thanks to 'daisy chain' technology, you can stream music to more than one speaker at time. Either way, it's able to blast your summer playlists (or the same three Disney theme songs) for eight hours straight.

This 10-inch charcoal iPad sleeve, from excellent Australian accessories brand Bellroy, has a magnetic bumper closure and a quilted microfiber lining for extra protection. It's handsome and practical.

This water-resistant portable blanket is 63 x 44 inches when unfolded, large enough for a picnic with the family or a solo reading session outdoors. It comes with metal stakes to keep the blanket secure.

This heavy-duty all-purpose gear bag holds four liters' worth of stuff, has a main compartment with a zippered pocket, and two open compartments. He can use it for tech or toiletries.

If dried meat is his jam, he'll be into this jerky gun. This rather impressive cannon holds 1 1/2 pounds of meat and produces flat jerky, or round snack sticks.

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