Fart Sounds For the Win: My Son Is Obsessed With These Buttheads Toys

They fart. They have heads that are butts. Yes, kids love them.

by Donna Freydkin
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It is an undisputed fact that kids love fart sounds. And fart noises. Farts, it would appear, never get old. Which is why in my house, we’re big fans of Buttheads toys.

My son and I have sat through every single one of the Avengers films. And none of them has had the impact of Thor: Ragnarok. Why, you ask? Because while trapped on the planet Sakaar, Thor and the Revengers used the Devil’s Anus to escape the planet. Devil’s anus. Get it? It’s the opening that farts come from. And anything involving farts, above and beyond any STEM toys I can foist on my child, are to him what my pasta maker is to me. Pure gold.

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So you can imagine his sheer, unadulterated, obsessive giddiness when he discovered the Buttheads collection from WowWeee, the same folks who brought us Fingerlings. It’s a line of four figures, all of whom have tongue-in-cheek names related to flatulence, and who, when you pull their fingers … fart. And fart. And fart some more.

Are they annoying? Yes. Yes, they are. Do kids love them? As if I need to answer that. My son treasures his foursome with the same ferocity with which Thanos pursued those Infinity Stones.

Kids can set a timer and prank others, with a much more evolved version of the timeless whoopee cushion. They can battle it out, in an epic war of passing gas. Or they can just pull and tug on their fingers, and laugh at the various farting noises they make. The brand says they’re ideal for kids ages five to 15, but truly, I cannot imagine anyone not being into them. Except parents with eardrums.

As a parent, it makes me a little nuts, for sure. But on the other hand, as we create more and more elaborate ways to entertain our kids, with overpriced and highly complex toys that often require engineering degrees to set up and operate, it’s gratifying and weirdly heartwarming to know that some basic gross things never go out of style. Farts are never out of fashion.

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