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The Best Marvel and ‘Avengers’ Toys for Superhero-Obsessed Kids

Repulsor gloves for everyone.

Kids have dreamt about becoming superheroes since their nascent days in the pages of comic books. Now, kids’ fantasies are strictly tied to to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which their  favorite heroes and villains, most notably the Avengers, battle it out every year in the franchise’s constant stream of star-studded films. The MCU has only become more ubiquitous over the last few years, ushering in a whole new superhero-addicted generation, one whose obsessions are continuing to be sated with new adaptations, such as Wandavision which hit streamers last month, and a whole new slate of Avengers movies planning on releases over the next year.

But aside from the movies, Marvel and Avengers toys – that your kid can play with, and also use to transform themselves into their favorite heroes and villains – may be the most exciting aspect for children. There’s countless options out there, though. Here are the best, most realistic Marvel toys to transform your kid (and you!) into your favorite Avengers and Marvel characters, from Iron Man and Captain Marvel, to The Hulk and Thor.

Black Widow is finally getting her own movie, and it's about damn time. These are based on the gloves she wears in the film, and each stinger can fire a dart from the light-up cuffs. The set includes six darts and they can be fired up to 10 feet.

The 524-piece Iron Man Hall of Armor comes with five different Iron Man suits and an Outrider. Kids can take apart and rearrange each module to their heart's content while also swapping out the minifigures in the rotating podium with robotic arms. There are also tons of different accessories inspired by Endgame. Think a jet pack, wrench, radar dish, and fire extinguisher: all stuff you'd find inside any Stark Industries lab.

Make like Tony Stark and don these gloves, which have missile-firing action, lighted repulsor, and legit sound effects. Kids just bend the wrist to activate the repulsor on the palm.

Not a toy per se, but honestly, who cares? This artwork is made with latex paint on stretched canvas, and when the lights go out, the superhero's name glows in the dark. And the glow lasts for up to four hours. We're partial to Black Panther and Captain America.

Most Marvel Lego sets are insanely complex, which is why this one is refreshingly simple yet still intricate. It's meant for preschoolers, and includes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel and Loki minifigures, plus the Avengers Tower, Quinjet and Loki's glider. In other words, a hell of a lot of stuff.

Any self-respecting Avengers fan has to own the Infinity Gauntlet. It's an articulated fist with pulsating stone glow light effects and six Infinity Stones that control the multi-verse. It's big. It's awesome. It's a keeper.

Fans of Ant-Man need to own this electronic helmet with red and blue lights, plus an intricate movie-inspired design and stunning attention to detail.

RIP to the late, great Chadwick Boseman. When his T’Challa suited up as the Black Panther, he prepared himself for combat to defend his kingdom. And he did so wearing this light-up helmet, with pulsating and fixed light effects.

This Avengers compound is centered around the building, a garage with helipad and satellite dish connected to a two-story office building complete with Avengers logos and a roof-mounted blaster. The set also comes with an offroader and a helicopter, as well as four minifigures (Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Nebula, and a Outrider), one microfigure (Ant-Man), and two posable larger figures (Hulk and Thanos). It's pricey, yes, but you also get one hell of a building experience.

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