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This Starter Telescope Is Perfect for Kids Who Love Space, and It’s On Sale Today

And what kid doesn't love space?

Space is one of those things that, across generations, is always cool. There’s just something about staring up at the sky that kids love, which is great news for parents. After all, stargazing is one of the most wholesome, educational, and awe-inspiring hobbies you can share with your kid. It’s a win-win situation.

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But while staring directly at the sky is a good way to make out some constellations and maybe check out some of the closer planets, if you really want to see some stuff you’ll need to use a telescope. Telescopes can cost thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a great starter ‘scope for your kid. That’s especially true today, Amazon Prime Day, thanks to a limited-time deal on the Ecoopro CSSEA Telescope for Kids.

What makes the CSSEA such a great gift for a budding stargazer? Let’s start with the eyepieces. It includes two options that allow you to switch magnification levels from 51x to 128x, depending on what you’re trying to get a good look at. There’s also a 5×24 finderscope to the left of the main 70mm scope that makes it easier to locate objects in the night sky.

This telescope with all-glass lenses is an outstanding choice for amateur astronomers thanks to its versatile tripod, high-quality lenses, and interchangeable eyepieces. It's on sale today for just under $80, about $20 off its usual price tag.

The lenses themselves are all multi-layered glass coated in a green material that provides clear views with 99 percent total light transmission.

Then there are the included accessories, like the case that’s essential in this case. Telescopes are, after all, basically just tubes of glass and it’s important to keep them protected in transit.

The more important accessory, however, is the adjustable tripod. It’s the only way to keep the ‘scope still when poring over the surface of the moon. It has 360 degrees of horizontal rotation and 180 degrees of vertical rotation, while the height can be set at anywhere from 19.6 to 42 inches. That means that you can point it anywhere in the sky you might need to and that it can get taller as your kid does.

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During the day, this telescope is also great for birdwatching and checking out nature in general. Bonus hobbies, check.

You can save $20 if you pick up this telescope today, and we promise that the memories you build staying up late and finding Orion’s Belt will be more than worth what you end up paying.

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