The Best Water Balloon Launchers for Amping Up Your Wet Warfare

One of which sends the H20-filled orbs upwards of 200 yards.

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When it comes to flinging water balloons, your arm is fine, just fine. But, then again, why settle for the limits of the human body when you can use one of these launchers to send the H20-filled projectiles sailing the length of two football fields? No, they shouldn’t be used by kids (these things are powerful) or, really, used in the next massive neighborhood aquatic warfare. But they’re phenomenal flingers and pretty damn fun to use. So if you feel like upgrading your aquatic arsenal, give one of them a try.

Zuro Bunch O Balloons Slingshot

From the makers of the revolutionary Bunch-o-balloons, those linked water balloons that you can fill up all at once and look like tethered-together alien eggs, comes this weapon of watery destruction. Called a slingshot, it’s more of a balloon-launching longbow that fires H20-filled orbs instead of arrows. This thing is no joke: It can fling balloons up to 100 feet and does so powerfully. It’s a lot of fun — but best fired at things that are very long distance or for target practice against non-humans. While it’s intended ages six and up, it packs a serious punch and can do damage from close range. Still, it’s a lot of fun. Comes with 100 quick-fill balloons.

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Captain Splash Water Balloon Launcher

Made of surgical tubing, this classic long-range launcher sends water balloons up to 200 yards. Definitely not made intended for children, it requires three people to fire and is best used in wide open fields, not neighborhood water wars. Still, there’s something genuinely satisfying about grabbing two buddies and letting loose a volley (Ready! Aim! Fire!) at unsuspecting — and inanimate — targets set up two football fields away. Includes 150 water balloons.

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Zuro XShot Bunch O Balloons Single Launcher

This Jai alai-esque curved flinger — again, from Bunch O Balloons — takes a more classic approach to the idea of balloon launching. Grip the launcher’s handle, nestle a balloon in its large, curved head, bring it back like a tennis racket, and let-er-rip — you can send water balloons sailing as far as 60 feet. Again, projectiles launch pretty quickly out of this, so we recommend it for target practice — not all out warfare. Comes with 100 quick-fill balloons

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Sling King Water Balloon Launcher

More or less a classic wrist rocket, the Sling King has a fat pouch that perfectly fits water balloons for the ‘ole pull back and fire. And fire it does: the metal-bodied slingshot sends balloons launches balloons up to 100 yards. The set includes a target (no, this isn’t meant to point at anyone), a pack of 100 balloons, and a nozzle attachment that makes filling up ammo a bit easier.

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Kovot Snowball Maker and Thrower

Yeah, it’s mean for launching snow. But that’s some narrow thinking. Because this launcher works well with water in its liquid form, too — albeit when it’s contained by a rubber sphere. Anyway, this launcher, with its dish-like divot and long body, is pretty excellent at flinging water balloons, too.

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