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The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Because chocolate makes everything better.

It’s Easter, the holiest holiday for Christians and, yeah, the time when kids expect candy, and lots of it. Our suggestion: Give them what they want and let them gorge on all things sugary with these toddler Easter baskets. But don’t bother to hand-curate a candy cornucopia because there are experts who do it for you. Let them do their jobs, dammit.

One thing to note: If you haven’t already ordered your Easter haul, you might be out of luck. Due to COVID-19 restrictions impacting much of the country, there are myriad shipping delays and product shortages. Below, we picked the best of the best and if you hurry, you can still get it by Sunday.

Chocolate eggs, they're not. Instead, you get 12 chocolate covered sandwich cookies. Which, bottom line, taste every bit as good as anything else on offer.

If you must throw some fruit into the mix, do it with these delectable berries.

Call this a celebration of whatever you want, but you can't argue that this is manna from heaven for chocolate lovers. Discerning gourmands get lemon pistachio bark, chocolate bridge mix, pink chocolate tulips, chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos, along with caramel eggs.

Caramel corn. Chocolate-covered pretzels. Dark chocolate caramel corn. For the love. Order this basket already.

Cookies! Cookies! This tin is crammed with 16 festively decorated Oreos cookies coated in Belgian white, dark or milk chocolate. They even have bunnies and chicks on them! Cookies!

The name says it all: You get chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

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