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Best Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

These are the best baskets for boys, girls, kids, and your family for Easter Sunday.

It’s Easter, the holiest holiday for Christians and, yeah, the time when kids expect candy, and lots of it. Our suggestion: Give them what they want and let them gorge on Peeps. But don’t bother to hand-curate a candy cornucopia. There are ample pre-packaged Easter baskets that have it all — toys, games, and, you’re damn right, candy. Just don’t forget the toothbrush.

Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers:

Ok, it's not an Easter basket. It's an Easter carton. Full of Hatchimals. You just won the holiday.

Kids sure love them their Hatchimals. And this 12-pack carton is full of the Nightglow characters. They shine bright. They make kids smile. And they can carry this carton all over with them.

It's a gorgeous hand-woven wicker basket crammed with chocolate.

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Sure, the Easter basket is cute. But it’s what on the inside that counts. And we’re talking some serious chocolate. You get an Easter bunny, eggs, a mini lamb, a carrot, and mini chicks.

Keep those cavities at bay for even longer with this delicious, yet blissfully inedible, stuffed-toy Easter set.

Instead of candy, your kid will get a carrot crinkle toy, an Easter egg squeak toy, a chick rattle, and a bunny sound toy, all inside a roomy embroidered pastel yellow Easter basket he or she can tote around. 

Order this plush basket ahead of time to have your little bunny's name embroidered on it.

Give these folks four to five days’ notice, and they’ll put any name you want on the basket, for free. Now that’s a win.

As cute as it is cuddly, this basket is soft, fuzzy, and all-around huggable.

You can choose between a chick or a bunny, and fill it with whatever your heart, or belly, desires.

Say no to candy and yes to creativity with this set of six wooden eggs, which become Easter works of art thanks to the assortment of craft supplies.

It’s your own DIY portable crafting party, ideal for kids three and older, from a brand that consistently creates quality kid products that fuel self-expression. You get six wooden eggs, paints, brushes, glitter, glue and stickers. But buyer beware of glitter. Need we say more?

Kids love squishies. So it stands to reason they'll go for this Easter set, which is full of ... squishies.

You get a full Easter set, which includes a bunny, a basket, and a chick. Squeeze and squeeze some more.

Load 'em up with chocolate and you'll get a very hopped-up, but happy, kid.

We might suggest you include a toothbrush when you (or, we mean, the Easter Bunny) delivers this beast of a basket, stuffed with candy, chocolates, toys, a plush rabbit, and other swag.

Given that little kids can choke, this basket is better-suited for slightly older chocolate aficionados, who can gorge on bite-sized candy.

Instead of a basket, you get a tin crammed with M&Ms, jelly beans, Peeps, and kettle corn. Enjoy!

This basket is perfect for the gourmand in your life.

It includes a solid milk chocolate bunny, accompanied by sea salt caramels, chocolate-covered cherries, lemon wafer rolls, key lime cookies, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and almond nougat.

You get candy, and a tattoo, with this basket.

This doozie of an Easter basket includes a frisbee, stickers, a notebook, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and more stickers.

This keepsake needs to be treated delicately, so it's more for looking than anything else.

This hand-painted stone resin basket holds three perfect (and removable) eggs, which you can replace with edible ones, should you so wish.

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