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Peep on a Perch is the Easter Rip-Off of Elf on the Shelf

Why we're (literally) not buying it.

Peeps Brand/Twitter

Meet spring’s take on Elf on the Shelf: Peep on a Perch, a plush version of the marshmallow candy who watches over kids in the weeks leading up to Easter and encourages kind behavior.

“Children will be proud to have the Easter Peep watch them being good all day as they get ready for bed without making a fuss, help out around the house, and use good manners,” the product description reads. “And the more kindness the Easter Peep sees, the happier the Easter Peep gets!”

But is the cuddly chick, who comes with a children’s storybook, worth the $19? Probably not.

Because unlike the Elf on the Shelf (Santa’s creepy spy who reports back to St. Nick on any bad behavior he sees), Peep on a Perch doesn’t actually do anything besides look cute and help the Easter bunny decorate eggs.

Plus, at Christmas, the reward for being on best behavior is piles of presents. But at Easter, the watered-down version of the winter holiday, kids aren’t promised as much. “The book hints that children who are good might get an extra treat or colored egg in their basket,” one Amazon reviewer explains, based on the Peep storybook.

Regardless, according to reviews, kids are loving it. And so are parents, particularly because it requires much less effort than the Elf on the Shelf. One customer explained, “The kids are allowed to touch the peep and move it room to room to watch them do good deeds.”

For any parents who want to purchase the plush Peep, which is for children ages three to seven, it’s currently sold on Amazon and at retail stores including Target and Barnes and Noble.