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The Best Bunny Stuffed Animals and Easter Gifts

Adorable floppy-eared rabbits and Easter basket goodies that will make the holiday special this year.

COVID-19 is still raging, true, but Easter isn’t canceled. It’s just going to be spent mostly at home or, if we’re lucky, in the great outdoors, with a stuffed bunny in tow. So here we are, most of us again without family brunches, communal Easter egg hunts, or holiday outings to church or otherwise. The solution is to load up on a great stuffed Easter bunny or seven, and pair it up with other Easter stuffed animals, to be part of a beautiful Easter basket full of Easter gifts for the kids to find on Sunday morning. And you can and should devise the ultimate indoor Easter egg hunt. That’s a magic moment you’ll all be recalling for Easters to come.

Few Easter gifts and toys are more prized by kids than a big old floppy-eared stuffed animal. That’s because they’re not toys — they’re soft, huggable companions, plush partners-in-crime who understand, accompany, and comfort them. These stuffed bunnies and other Easter-themed toys will bring on the smiles.

The Best Bunny Stuffed Animals

This 21 inch bunny feels like a full body hug. And looks adorable enough to be played with every single day, Easter or not.

If you prefer a more sophisticated vibe, this rabbit doll was designed by French illustrator Lucille Michieli and is made from multicolored cotton.

If you're after something smaller, this eight inch bunny is ready to hop to it.

This sweet nine inch stuffy wears Peter's signature blue coat to pay tribute to one of kid lit's most beloved characters.

A 10 inch gray and pink rabbit holding its very own Easter basket. Sold.

This 15 inch rabbit is perfect for cuddles, or games of pretend play.

Because yes, babies do need Easter toys, and this rattle is beyond sweet. It's made of maple wood wrapped in cotton yarn.

Those going for a less-is-more vibe will dig this rabbit. It's made from a linen and cotton blend, and is ethically crafted in India.

A bunny in a tutu? Of course it's a bunny in a tutu. The 19 inch doll-bunny also has soft floppy ears and a sparkly blush tulle dress.

If you're looking for a more artisanal flair, this 16 inch rabbit is made by artisans, using GOTS certified organic cotton yarn.

More than a mere basket stuffer, this 12 inch bunny sings when kids press her right foot and waves her ears in time to the music.

Kids fall in love with this lovey, which is sugar and spice and everything snugly and nice. The eyes and mouth are stitched on, so there's no chance of your intrepid baby or toddler biting off or swallowing an errant button.

This 12 inch bunny is ready for anything, given his sweater. And he's handmade by female artisans being paid a fair living wage.

Because everyone and we do mean everyone needs an 18 inch pink rabbit with floppy ears.

Oh, bigger is better, you say? Then behold this four foot tall stuffed bunny, made with recycled stuffing.

A perfect blend of stuffed animal and ride-on toy, this rocker has soft ears, wood handles, precision-shaped runners, and is so cute we wished they made it in adult sizes.

This is obviously not a stuffed animal, but sue us. It's too damn cute to not include. This whimsical wooden ride-on toy is made from wood and helps toddlers with their developing motor skills.

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