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Best Outdoor Toys for Kids and Toddlers

These toys, tents, and tools will are a call for your kids to get into the wild.

Outdoor and pool toys are key for summer. That’s because you want your kids off their devices and running and splashing around. What you need is, of course, a solid arsenal of outdoor toys, geared both for toddlers and older kids.

It’s hard to resist the great outdoors with the proper tools (and toys). We’ve rounded up a slew of crucial outdoor toys for kids and outdoor toys for toddlers that make playing in the sun a lot more enjoyable for a kid that loves the fresh air — or just needs a push to get out there.

Get your kids to explore the great outdoors with this sturdy and safe pair of binoculars.

These binoculars are dope. With 8×21 magnification and BAK-4 prisms for enhanced sharpness, they’ll be able to see far and venture farther. The eyepieces are soft as well, so it won’t hurt your child’s eyes.

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Bocce is basically a perfect outdoor concentration game. And these bocce balls are soft rubber, so they're way safer for kids. The set includes eight balls, weighing just over a pound each, the pallino, and a carry bag.

You can play this bocce ball set on any surface, from grass to concrete to sand. And the rubber balls are basically indestructible.

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Toddlers sit and spin around on this twister, which also works with a water hose.

What’s even better than spinning around in dizzying circles? Why, getting wet while doing it! Just add a water hose and aqua sprays out of the twister while kids spin around.

If you can't go to a theme park, bring the theme park to you with this sturdy 10-foot long roller coaster ride on track.

Made for kids ages two to five, the Step2 Roller Coaster is durable, simple to put together, and lets kids have a blast. They build confidence when they roll up and down the track and push their car up the ramp by themselves. It has a weight limit of 50 pounds, so there’s a limit to how long you can use it.

Perfect for explorers ages three and up, these magnifiers are great for getting up close and personal with leaves, rocks, insects and more.

Put a little science into outdoor exploration. With these extra-large magnifiers, your kid can look at all the bugs, bugs, and more bugs they can see. And we assume anything else they want to look at. Perfect for small hands.

Think of this as an elevated sandbox for your yard. It's hours of sand-digging good times, and it comes with a lid and elastic tie-downs to keep the sand clean and dry.

It’s an undisputed fact that kids love sand. Now, they can play for hours in this elevated sandbox, which comes with shovels, claw rakes and a bucket. It can hold up to 40 pounds of sand, which is a lot of sand.

Kids can catch, and of course release, critters after observing them in this handy carrier.

With this handy case, intrepid environmentalists and explorers can look closely at leaves and insects, after placing them inside using an easy-open hatch. And set them free, of course.

Kids can stop and smell the flowers with this three-piece gardening kits, perfect for children 18 months and older.

This Green Toys three-piece set is made from recycled plastic milk jugs and includes a gardening can, a rake and a shovel, for aspiring mini gardeners who love nature.

Kids can go on epic adventures, and stay in contact, with these child-friendly walkie talkies that have a two-mile range.

Chshhh. That the sound of your kids and their best friends talking behind your back as they venture into the wild with these kid-friendly walkie-talkies. A nice LED display, call alert notifications, and built-in flashlight all take your camping trip to a whole new level.

This lightweight compass is perfect for kids because it stays luminous for up to an hour after being exposed to light.

It’s never too early to learn basic directional skills, and this mini compass, with its easy-to-read face, is an ideal way to start. You can hang it from your kid’s parka or sweater, and off he or she goes. Because guess what? Sometimes basics are better than Google Maps.

Sized just right for little hands, this fishing set comes complete with a telescopic fishing rod, a spincast reel, fishing line, fishing tackle and travel bag.

Fishing is a treasured pastime between father and son or daughter or cousin or, honestly, whoever will go out with them. Get them started with this simple little kit that introduces them to the pole, spinning wheel, line, and tackle. You just have to supply the bait.

This fantastic head lamp has four settings: High beam, low beam, red beam and red flashing lights.

Night in the outdoors is either a thrill or a nightmare for a kid (more likely the former). Get them moving after-hours, and see where they are, with this colorful headlamp. All you need are three AAA batteries to power the high beam, low beam, and red flashing feature lights.

At a recent barbecue, we saw two kids forgo devices and spend hours, yes hours, playing this game. It's a must-have.

There’s never a dull moment outside with a game of cornhole. This kid-sized version includes the necessary two boards and six bean bags. Plus it’s small enough to pack into the car — a good idea between glorious hikes on a camping trip.

The tent has mesh panels to provide ventilation and allow parents to easily supervise their children. It's big enough to fit three kids, plus toys.

Whether you’re traveling or they just need a trip to the backyard, this tent is perfectly sized for three kids plus their toys. It’s not a headache to set up thanks to its flexible poles and stakes that install in the ground and has multiple entrances for hours of fun outside. It’s 48″ X 48″ X 42″ in size, and folds up handily into its own carry bag.

The sleeping bag weighs only two pounds and is made from a breathable polyester material that keeps kids snug and warm in the outdoors.

Get your little one stoked on camping with one of these colorful, comfy sleeping bags. It’s made from breathable polyester and has a side-zipper for easy access and exit, plus it packs down light in its dedicated carrying case. Great for gazing at the stars.

Let your kids start tearing up some trails with this starter dirt bike.

This durable, colorful BMX-slash-dirt bike is the perfect ride to take on their first trails. It has adjustable training wheels to help them start off slowly and a handle bar pad for some extra sweet graphics. Put it together in less than 20 minutes and see your child fly out the door.

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