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The Best Backyard Water Slides for Kids

Save yourself a drive to the water park.

If you want to win summer, you need to spring for a gargantuan backyard water slide. A great inflatable slide combines all the greatness of a bounce house with the cooling power of a water park. Even the good old slick lawn slide transforms a humble, demure lawn and into a magical place of water-park thrills — for a fraction of what you’d pay to hit an actual one. And of course, throw in a quality water blaster and sprinkler for good measure because there’s no such thing as getting too wet.

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As any enterprising parent with a tarp and a sprinkler knows, you don’t need a beach, stock tank, or pool built out of a shipping container to keep the kids cool and entertained. You just need a patch of grass and some running water for the aforementioned slides. You want to find water slides that are durable, and easy to inflate, deflate, and store. Make sure you pay attention to weight and size limits, and if possible, opt for ones on the higher end so they last longer. And it goes without saying that young(er) kids need to be supervised while climbing and sliding.

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The Best Backyard Water Slides

This gigantic double water slide supports 350 pounds' worth kid (or adult). It has a climbing wall that dumps you onto the slide, which is more than 8 feet tall. Water sprays down from above as kids barrel down the slide.

Twenty-five feet long, and 6 feet wide, everything about this backyard water slide is a little amped up — the slide is made of extra-slick, heavy-duty PVC, so you won't feel every errant twig and pebble as you fly. Each slide comes with a connector, so you can keep adding on the feet, till you get to 100.

Part bouncy castle, part water slide, this creation has a 200 pound weight limit. Kids climb into the castle, and then slide down into icy cold water. It comes with an air blower, water tube, repair patches, lawn stakes, and a portable carrying bag.

Beat the heat with this classic: You take out the slide, use stakes to secure it to the ground, turn on the sprinkler, and it's party time. It's 18 feet long and accommodates two kids at a time.

A scaleable bounce mountain with water feature, lets kids climb up through a waterfall, and then slide back down into the roomy splash pool. Comes with water-sprayer nozzle, air blower, and double slides.

You get a covered club house (of course) along with a double-wide slide and an oversized climbing wall. Plus, there are water-sprinkling pillars and water-blasting cannons because of course there are. Two people can use this at one time, and the max weight is 250 pounds. It comes with a blower motor, pump, and storage bag.

The name says it all. This is supercooling fun water chaos. Features a climbing wall and two slides, as well as an inflatable basketball hoop and ball, plus a cool lagoon to unwind in after all the action.

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