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Best Backyard Water Slides

Save yourself a drive to the water park.

You can spend a small fortune taking the kids to a water park this summer, or you can save a small fortune by bringing the water park to your backyard with a slide they can use all summer. And throw in a quality water blaster for good measure.

As any enterprising parent with a tarp and a sprinkler knows, you don’t need a beach, stock tank, or pool built out of a shipping container to keep the kids cool and wet this summer. You just need a patch of grass and some running water. But if you really want to turn your backyard into a DIY water park you could charge admission to, the right slip ‘n slides and water toys are key. You want to find water slides that are durable, and easy to inflate, deflate, and store.

These should do the trick.

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If you abide by the philosophy that it's go big or go home, then this epic water slide is for you.

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Pros: Don’t insult this water slide by calling it a water slide. For the price, you get a climbing wall, two water slides and a splash-down pool. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Cons: At nearly eight feel tall, it’s fairly huge and very expensive.

This is a tricked-out version of your basic water slide. It's great for multiple kids, and inflates in a few minutes.

Pros: If you don’t want to take out a loan to buy a water slide, but want something that’s durable, easy to inflate, and can withstand an onslaught of kids, this water slide is for you. Two kids can use it at one time, with one sliding and one climbing. It has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Cons: This slide is great for smaller, younger kids, ages three and up. Older ones? Not so much.

It's a rock wall and water slide, in one!

Pros: This inflatable water slide features a climbing wall, curved slide and roomy wading pool area. It’s also made by a brand we trust.

Cons: You’ll need to fold this up for fall and winter storage, but some users have said it’s difficult to pack up neatly.

You get a massive backyard lawn slide with its own sprinkler system.

Pros: This giant 25′ x 6′ water slide for the lawn that will keep the kids soaking wet and entertained on hot, long, often boring summer days. It has a built-in sprinkler system and is made from ultra-durable embossed PVC. You can also connect multiple slides together for an even bigger surface.

Cons: Nearly $200 for what’s basically a big piece of tarp seems like a bit much.

This jurassic-themed activity center slash water park is great for toddlers.

Pros: You get a super-cute wading pool and slide, with a sprinkler. There’s also a landing pad so kids won’t accidentally hurt themselves at the end of the slide. And it’s all dinosaur-themed, because everyone loves dinosaurs.

Cons: Air pump sadly not included.

This beast of a water slide if meant for 3-4 kids, for the ultimate backyard party.

Pros: You can buy this water slide either with or without a blower. No matter what you do, you’ll win at summer. This water slide features a climbing wall, curved slide and a sizable wading pool area. This slide is suitable for a gaggle of kids.

Cons: Some users complained that the plastic adaptor you need to connect your hose to the slide is difficult to use and has a tendency to break.

Is there anything more fun than getting water dumped on you? No. No, there is not.

Pros: The Rocky Mountain River Race from Little Tikes looks like an obstacle in a kids’ Spartan Race. It comes with a rock climbing wall, two waterslides, and a surprise dump bucket that pours water on unsuspecting competitors/toddlers. It stands 12 feet tall, can hold up to four kids (or 350 pounds), and includes a safety net on the back to keep an overachieving Junior from diving over the top and taking off across the yard.

Cons: There’s no dedicated drainage route. Water simply spills out as it deflates, and you’ll need to hang it up to dry before you can pack it away.

You can basically open your own water park if you buy this slide.

Pros: This is a 7.5-foot water slide-splash pool combo with two sprayers (for a fast slide), a quick access tunnel into the pool, and a cannon at the bottom to help ensure everybody coming down the chute gets a face full of water.

Cons: This slide does a lot, but it’s also definitely on the pricey side.

This water slide is made from specially formulated, UV-protected plastic.

Pros: This water slide is one of Amazon’s top sellers, and it’s easy to see why. It’s 50 feet long and 12 feet wide. And given its smooth surface and the fact that stays put on your lawn, your kids will never want to dry off.

Cons: Might be a bit simple for kids who are easily bored.

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