The Best Laptops for High School Students

From Samsung to Apple to Dell to Acer, we found student laptops for every need and every budget.

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It wasn’t that long ago that buying a teenager his or her own laptop might’ve felt like a wildly extravagant and unnecessary investment. Even if you found an affordable option, that same high schooler who leaves food on counter, the front door wide open, and the toilet seat up will likely forget that pricey piece of tech in a public location. But then 2020 happened, and the coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools nationwide, making remote learning a necessity rather than a fanciful option. For the foreseeable future (likely into late 2021), the best laptops for high school students as essential as the teachers themselves. The good news for those new at remote schooling is that while computing power has climbed to incredible heights, computing price itself has dropped dramatically. What’s the best laptop for students? While we’ve tailored our list to every interest your child may have, there are still a number of overarching principles.

What to Look for in Laptops for High Schoolers:

  • Price: Student laptops will most likely take a beating, because kids aren’t the most responsible of humans; there’s no reason to buy the splashiest laptop you see.
  • Tech: Make sure it can smoothly run HD video lectures, and has a solid set of speakers. A great laptop should also have an integrated webcam because students aren’t tied down to physical classrooms or in-person study groups anymore.
  • Performance: Battery life matters. A fully charged laptop should last an entire school day. And pay attention to the weight. Kids will be lugging these laptops around, and backpacks get heavy. Fast.

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The Best Laptops for High School Students

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