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The Best Kids Laptops for Under $500

These computers for kids are great quality, perfect for remote learning, and can take a beating.

The recent election may mean a sea change in COVID-19 response and myriad other issues in the U.S., but for now, your children are still learning at the kitchen table. Kids laptops, once considered an extravagance, are in high demand and short supply due to their necessity in remote learning. But don’t worry about breaking the bank: Some of the best laptops are still under $500. Even the most affordable options today have batteries that can last from first period through dismissal, and while there’s a broad weight range, all are lightweight enough to tote when “back to school” actually means children going back to school. Some kids may want a gaming laptop; others need one with more computing power for photo and video editing. But for those who need to open Microsoft Word, browse the web, stream classes, and watch a little Netflix, the best kids laptops are more affordable than ever.

The Best Back-to-School Kids Laptops for Under $500

We get it: Kids are hard on delicate tech. Lenovo mades its 100E damn-near bulletproof, with both drop- and water-resistance for extra durability. The 11.6-inch screen is generous enough for all but the most specialized tasks. It includes a full Google suite of software so your child can turn right to his or her homework.

We love this laptop's textured body, which ensures it won't slip out of anxiety-ridden fingers on the way to next period. If it does, however, it's durable to Mil-STD 810G military-grade standards. It also includes a spill-resistant keyboard for accidents over lunch. Built atop tho Google suite of software, it's ready to work.

Kids still mastering the QWERTY keyboard will appreciate this laptop's ErgoLift hinge, which tilts up the back of the keyboard by three degrees for an easier typing experience as kids. It is, overall, a nice laptop for a nice price, and it will last through the school year and beyond. With seven hours of battery life, it can last the entire school day before it needs a charge.

Whether your child is engaged in creative pursuits or just nearsighted, the massive 15.6-inch full HD screen of this Acer is big enough to legally be described as a drive-in. A 128-gig solid state drive boots up in a few seconds when your child has drug his or her heels getting out of bed. It's also got a built-in webcam, microphone, and speakers, which are tailor-made for online learning.

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