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The Best Jogging Strollers for Getting a Workout with Your Baby

These work as hard as you do.

The best jogging strollers serve a very specific purpose: You strap your kid into one, and go for a runUnlike traditional baby strollers, joggers are built to buffer your baby along the bumpiest of rides by featuring three super-sized wheels, rear- or all-wheel suspension, shock absorbers, and brakes either traditional parking or hand-activated drum brakes designed to help you slow down when necessary.

Most jogging strollers are geared toward babies age six-months or older, since an infant’s neck muscles aren’t strong enough to withstand even the most casual of fun runs. But once you’re ready to hit the road, you’ll want to study these three-wheelers carefully as not all joggers are created equal.

You want a lockable swivel front wheel that gives you stability on long runs and maneuverability on short strolls. Taller parents and caregivers want an adjustable handlebar so they’re not stooped over by the time they cross the finish line. Plus, you want a stroller with a smooth, easy fold; a wrist tether or strap is another necessity in the event that you lose control of the stroller. All the jogging strollers on our list fit the bill. 

For you: a twist-style hand brake to vary speed on descents and a one-handed setup design. For your child: a retractible canopy, reclining seat, and tip-top suspension. Combined, the two sets of demands join to create one of the best baby joggers on the market that's comfortable for all parties. That's something everyone can get behind.

We like Graco's option precisely because it's not as specialized as others on this list. If you're looking for a stroller with which you can also run (rather than a running-specific option), this is it. A one-step process secures your child carrier to the frame, while a one-handed unfolding lets you get going faster and easier with a child on your hip.

For core runners, the only option is by KidRunner, and its all-new Run 2.0 will have you smashing PRs by July. The lightest on this list, it weighs a mere 19 pounds, which is 30 percent less than others. It also mounts to your waist for comfortable arm swing and efficient movement. Good to go on all surfaces, your child will have never moved so fast by your own two feet.

Think of this as BOB's younger sibling, given that it's smaller and more nimble. It has adjustable tracking and suspension for a solid running experience, and it weaves easily through tighter spaces. The handlebar, however, is not adjustable, and it doesn't have a drink holder. It has a one-hand recline adjustment, air-filled tires, and a weight limit of 75 pounds. As well as a spacious storage basket.

What is this exactly? Why, three pieces of gear in one: a child bike trailer, stroller, and jogger. It's ideal for active families who don't like to be hemmed in. You just transition between kits as needed and after you attach the handlebar, it becomes a jogging stroller. It has a brilliant easy-fold design with quick-release rear wheels, so it stores flat for transport or storage. There's adjustable shock suspension for a smooth ride, a height-adjustable push bar, and padded seats. Plus, the back seat has a three-position recline. The weight limit is 75 pounds.

With this jogging stroller, you get to choose between three separate speeds: Walk, jog, or run. It has a one-step fold, all-wheel suspension, a wrist tether, air-filled tires (a pump is included with the stroller), and a foot brake, as well as a 360 degree locking swivel wheel. The fabric is made without the use of fire retardants. Note that the weight limit with this stroller is 65 pounds.

If you don't want to shell out the equivalent of a car payment for a jogging stroller, here's a great affordable option. It has a lockable front swivel wheel, a wrist tether strap, all-terrain bicycle tires, and a quick trigger fold. The weight limit is 50 pounds and the handlebar is not adjustable.

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