The Best Jogging Strollers

Seven baby joggers that tested at the top of the class.

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Ask a serious runner to choose between their baby and a quick workout and brace for an uncomfortable silence. Runners need to run. And that’s where jogging strollers come in. Heavier than traditional carriers, joggering baby strollers are designed to tackle tough terrain while protecting Junior from the bumpy ride. Almost all kinds boast three air-filled, pneumatic tires larger than 12-in., rear- or all-wheel suspension, and brakes ⏤ either basic parking or hand-activated drum brakes for slowing down on hills. And all jogging strollers are designed for babies age six-months or older, since an infant’s neck muscles aren’t strong enough to withstand even the most casual of fun run.

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A few things to know. The most obvious differences between jogging strollers and the standard variety is generally the front wheel ⏤ jogging strollers can be either fixed or swivel locking. (Fixed is considered better for long-distance runs but can be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces; a lockable swivel wheel, on the other hand, adds versatility and ensures the stroller can second as an everyday carrier.) Adjustable handlebars also aren’t standard but are important if more than one parent plans to run with the child. Trying to jog 10 miles hunched over jogging stroller handlebars sized for a much shorter person makes for an incredibly long afternoon.


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While there’s no shortage of good joggers on the market at all price points, a number of models stand out. Much like the Best Umbrella Strollers, these seven three-wheelers top the reviews on such sites as Consumer Reports, The NightLight, Stroller Envy, and BabyGearLab. In almost all cases, they’ve been rigorously tested and scored at the top of their class.

Thule Urban Glide

Pros: Nobody will blame you if you thought the only thing Thule made was ski and bike racks — they’ve only been in the stroller game since 2011. But if there’s one thing this Swedish stroller company knows, it’s the outdoors. BabyGearLab gave the Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller their Editors’ Choice award and recommends it “without hesitation.” “It delivered top performance in run-ability and maneuverability,” they said. Adds The NightLight, “The ride was smooth and felt exceptionally well balanced, even with larger children in the stroller.” Consumer Reports continues the lovefest: “The handle adjusts for users of different heights, and was especially comfortable to hold while pushing.”

Cons: In addition to a seat that reclines a tad too much (at least according to a number of online reviewers), CR notes that “unfolding the large, somewhat bulky, Urban Glide is a bit awkward. And although there are pockets for extra storage, there’s no parent console or child tray. And there’s no bumper bar.” Also, the jogging stroller doesn’t stand up on its own when folded, remarks BGL: “You can use the fold handle to roll the stroller or lift it after engaging the manual lock, but unfortunately it does not self-stand.” This can be a giant pain.


  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 75 lbs.
  • Front Wheel Type: Swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: 12″ Front, 16″ Rear
  • Suspension: Rear shocks only
  • Brake: Single-action, foot-activated parking brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Yes (35.5″ – 44″)

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Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

Pros: BabyGearLab names the Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller “Best for a Tight Budget” and notes high scores for maneuverability, weight, and folded size. They are, however, quick to point out that it’s “a good everyday stroller for parents who may want to occasionally jog.” A more serious runner at Runner’s World, however, says: “It’s got great handling and we’ve pushed it in several races. My husband has even run a 22-minute 5K and said it handled well.” Meanwhile, Consumer Reports finds the Expedition “sturdy and easy to maneuver.”

Cons: “It is designed with jogging in mind… but serious runners will likely find it lacking,” reiterates BGL. “Its lack of suspension and adjustable tracking made it a no-go for our professional runner.” CR also found “the handle’s hard rubber covering uncomfortable to hold and access to the basket was limited by the stroller handlebar.”


  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 50 lbs.
  • Front Wheel Type: Swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: Rear 15.5″, Front 11.25″
  • Suspension: None
  • Brake: Double foot-activated parking brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar: No

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The Burley Solstice

Pros: The Burley Solstice jogging stroller is BabyGearLab’s top pick for “Ease of Use” and second place finisher (behind the Urban Glide) for run-ability. “It’s a good option for the serious or casual runner,” they noted. It also scores well for maneuverability and quality, says BGL, adding: “This stroller has a large storage bin, an easy fold, pop open harness, and super easy to use intuitive features that function well.” Industrial Design magazine Core 77, who gave the previous model of the Solstice a design award, adds, “with the exception of the telescoping handlebar, virtually all of the Solstice features can be operated with one hand.”

Cons: Speaking of that telescoping handlebar, BGL notes that while the jogging stroller is easy to use, “it has a limited range (about three inches) that may not work for pushers over six-feet tall.” They also describe the seat as “fairly” comfortable and point out that “without an adjustable leg rest or flatter recline angle, it might not be great for napping.” Finally, online reviewers wish that their giant-wheeled jogging strollers could be lightweight and smaller ⏤ at 27.5 pounds, it’s a bit of a beast.


  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 75 lbs.
  • Front Wheel Type: Swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: Rear 16″ x 1.75″, Front 12.5″ x 1.75″
  • Suspension: Coil springs
  • Brake: Foot-activated parking brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Yes (37.5″ – 40.5″)

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BOB Revolution Pro/Flex

A quick note: The BOB Revolution Flex and Pro are virtually the same stroller. Other than color, the only significant difference is that the Pro boasts a hand-operated drum brake. For that reason, they’re both included together in this review.

Pros: Gear Patrol calls BOB’s Revolution Pro jogging stroller “the most technologically advanced piece of workout equipment you’ll ever own.” And that the hand-activated rear drum brakes make you feel in control. “As comfortable as the stroller was for the jogger, it was even better for the rider. A large canopy to shade the sun, foot rests and a wide padded seat, two mesh pockets perfect for a stuffed animal and a sippy cup and reclinable seat back for long jogs (or ones that happen closer to nap time) kept my year-old test pilot happy nearly the whole time.” BabyGearLab gives the Flex its Editor’s Choice Award and dubs the jogging stroller “Best Traditional Jogger,” adding: “This high-quality workhorse of the jogging world provides a great stroller for those who love to get outside and get moving, even off the beaten path.”

Cons: The jogging stroller is heavy and a bit unwieldy. GP says, “At around 25 pounds and 25.5-inches wide from wheel to wheel (wider than most other strollers), it took some maneuvering to get it in and out the trunk.” BGL chimes in that it “won’t self-stand when folded and is difficult to lift and carry,” and the Night Light finishes up with: “While a good option due to its large wheels and suspension, there are newer and better strollers that have hit the market since the Revolution became a ubiquitous sight on suburban parks and trails.” Oh yea, online reviewers also say that the canopy, which doesn’t filter UV, is a weak spot. So that, too.


  • Weight: 28.2 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 75 lbs.
  • Front Wheel Type: Swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: Rear 16″ x 1.75″, Front 12.5″ x 1.75″
  • Suspension: Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers, with adjustable shock release knobs
  • Brake: Hand-activated rear drum brakes; Foot-activated parking brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Yes (33.5″ – 45.8″, 9 height positions)

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Chicco Activ3

Chicco Polaris Activ3 Jogging Stroller

Pros: Consumer Reports recommends the Activ3 jogging stroller right behind the Thule Urban Glide, giving it an “excellent” score for ease of use and “very good” for maneuverability and safety. They also note its versatility as both an everyday stroller and a jogger, gushing: “Smooth and sturdy. Performed well on all types of terrain. Easy fold/unfold.” Stroller Envy points out the “adjustable suspension that you control with your foot,” an enormous canopy, and a wrist tether that attaches to the rear axle rather than the handlebar: “This is a safety feature that I really appreciate because if you fall during your run, you won’t tip the stroller backward as you go down. The tug will come from the bottom of the stroller, stopping it safely.”

Cons: “Large, heavy and bulky, even when folded,” points out CR, adding: “The storage basket is shallow and can’t be accessed from the front.” Stroller Envy doesn’t disagree: “The stroller is hefty and bulky.” They point serious runners to the Chicco TRE, highlighting its “slowing brake on the handle and larger rear tires.”


  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 50 lbs.
  • Front Wheel Type: Hand-activated swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: Rear 12″, Front 12″
  • Suspension: Adjustable FlexCore suspension
  • Brake: Hand-activated parking brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Yes (39″ – 45″, 4 height positions)

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Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger Summit X3

Pros: The NightLight names the Summit X3 jogging stroller its top overall jogging stroller and highlights its versatility: “It is the best choice for parents who want a stroller that can pull double-duty as a jogger and as an everyday stroller.” They also appreciate the “one-hand fold, handbrake, and a remote wheel lock for easy transitioning from having the wheel locked to swiveling. It was both easy to maneuver and fold down, and when folded, the stroller is compact and can be made even smaller by removing the quick-release wheels.” While BabyGearLab was less smitten, they also like the “easy-one hand fold with larger storage for more supplies.”

Cons: “At 28 pounds,” says The NightLight, “it’s quite heavy.” Adding that “while it performed well in jogging and trail-walking, our testers had more difficulty controlling it compared to the [Thule Urban Glide]. “We aren’t fond of it,” says BGL, going for the juggler. “It has the price of a high-end stroller, but failed to perform well enough in our tests to justify the hefty price tag.”


  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 75lbs
  • Front Wheel Type: Swivel lock
  • Wheel Dimensions: 12″ Front, 16″ Rear
  • Suspension: All wheel
  • Brake: Hand-operated rear brakes
  • Adjustable Handlebar: No

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Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger

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