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The Best Double Strollers for Two (or More) Kids

Yes, they're easy to maneuver. We promise.

For parents of multiple kids, finding the best double stroller is truly a godsend. You can’t beat the convenience of being able to haul both kids (or even three of them) to the park or beach. Double strollers for infants and toddlers come in numerous configurations, but no matter the layout, the best ones come with features like a one-handed fold, front-wheel suspension, extended canopies, and foot and hand brakes. Many double strollers have optional storage expansion, sun shades, rain covers, and cup holders for morning coffee or your sippy cups.

In side-by-side or double-wide strollers, kids sit next to each other, allowing you to best configure each seat separately for naps and personalized comfort. These are best when kids are roughly the same age. Inline models have one seat located in front of the other, and those are better for kids of different ages and sizes, since one seat is always more spacious than the other.

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No matter the format, consider how you’ll be using the stroller. If you plan on actually getting a workout, pick one that’s durable and easy to push. If you’re braving public transportation with a double stroller, choosing one that’s lightweight reigns supreme.

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The Most Versatile Double Strollers

This is one of the best double strollers that's ideal for travel. It weighs under 18 pounds and the super lightweight double umbrella doesn’t feel cheap. On the contrary, it handles better than most models, has a ton of storage, and can fold down to still fit in an overhead bin. Best of all, it can go from a double to a triple or quad with an expandable tandem add-on seat, to accommodate your growing family.

Modular and lightweight, this 28 pound tandem double stroller has 22 configurations. The frame simply expands when you're using it as a double stroller. It has a self-standing compact fold. Another point in its favor is its massive storage basket that expands to over 2 feet in length. Plus, for the price, it has a 3-position adjustable handlebar. The weight limit is 55 pounds.

One of the most versatile double strollers on the market, this side by side one lets parents choose between 35 different seating modes. It's compatible with 25 different car seats. Each seat accommodates up to 40 pounds' worth of kid. Without needing to adjust the frame, parents can switch the stroller from single to double mode. You do have to remove the seats to fold it, so this stroller is ideal for city life or situations where you don't need to take it in or out of a car trunk.

It's rare to find a stroller as stylish as it is practical. Here's that stroller. You start out with a single seat and a handy shopping basket, which is removable. When your family grows, you convert it to a double stroller by attaching a second seat unit. The main seat has 20 different configurations for an infant and child in forward-facing and parent-facing modes. Each seat supports children up to 50 pounds. And it folds with both seats attached to the frame. The handlebar is height-adjustable, and the stroller has both lockable swivel wheels and rear wheel, linked foot brakes.

A beautiful chariot, this one goes from single to double to triple if necessary. It has a ventilated canopy, a bonus on hot days, and a UPF 50 sun shade. The toddler seat is reversible, so your kid can ride facing forwards, backwards, upright, or reclined. There's an adjustable handlebar and a height-adjustable canopy. It has a one-handed, free-standing fold, and you don't need to remove the toddler seat to do it. With adaptors, you can add a seat to expand the stroller to fit more kids, or use the ride-along board for older kids. Each toddler seat fits babies weighing up to 50 pounds.

This starts out as a single stroller, but is designed to convert to a double stroller. You do that by buying the sibling seat, which is a twin of the existing seat. As for the stroller itself, it has fenders and built-in clear hub caps to protect it from dirt and nastiness. The tires are foam-filled and designed for all terrains. It has a one-touch rear brake. It comes with two car seat adaptors. The total weight capacity as a double stroller is 100 pounds. Why is this on our double stroller list? Because once you get the bassinet or sibling seat, you can configure this thing 23 different ways.

Sure, this looks like it's related to the Uppababy, for a fraction of the cost. The Mockingbird is beloved by parents, for good reason. When used as a single, you can choose between five seating arrangements. When used as a double, you can toggle between 14 configurations. It has a 45 pound capacity in both seats. You can fold it one-handed, and it automatically locks into place and stands upright. There's a one-step footbrake and front-locking wheels. It weighs just over 26 pounds.

The ultimate in double stroller luxury from the brand favored by British royalty, this smooth ride gives parents up to 15 stroller, bassinet, and car seat configurations. The tandem stroller accommodates up to three kids, if you use the tandem seat and toddler board. The stroller seat has multiple recline positions and is reversible. The stroller comes with a bassinet and a stroller seat. The main seat weigh limit is 55 pounds; the tandem seat weight limit is 45 pounds; the basket has a capacity of 33 pounds. Which is a lot. The handlebar is height-adjustable.

The Best Tandem Double Strollers

When your family grows, so does your stroller. Each seat can hold 45 pounds worth of child, at 90 pounds total. You have the option to use the rear seat, bench seat, or a standing platform for kids who deem themselves far too mature to sit in a stroller. It's ready for newborns with a car-seat adapter. And the price is right. The stroller itself weighs 27.5 pounds. It has linked one-step parking brakes.

This stroller is pure genius? Why, you ask? Because it snaps together and goes from single to double. This is the stroller you want if you don't always need a double, and live in a flat, urban environment. The weight limit for each individual stroller is 45 pounds. And each stroller weighs a measly 13 pounds. The seats recline, but the handlebar is not adjustable.

Each seat on this tandem double stroller holds a child up to 45 pounds and includes a five point stroller seat harness. Seats can be front facing, parent facing, or sibling facing, depending on preference. This is an all-terrain stroller with all-wheel suspension and locking front swivel wheels. The handlebar is adjustable. And the seats are multi-position reclining.

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The Best Side by Side Double Strollers

A side-by-side stroller that nevertheless is just 30 inches wide, so it's easy to navigate through doorways and crowds. We're big fans of the larger wheels (seven inches in the front, nine-and-a-half in the rear) with sealed ball bearings that make this stroller more rugged than those with smaller wheels. It also has a massive storage basket, one Joovy claims is the biggest on the market. Each seat reclines independently. The maximum child weight is 45 pounds per seat, or 90 pounds total.

If you're looking for an investment stroller that will last for decades, this is that stroller. It's all-terrain, meaning you can use it anywhere. It has a lightweight frame, so it's easy to handle. And it's made from recycled PET, so you're saving the planet, too. You fold it by pressing the trigger release button on the handlebar. You get a 360 degree swivel front wheel with an inline lock option for light jogging, should you feel the need to burn some calories. The stroller comes with an air pump, wrist strap and foldable bumper bar. It fits 90 pounds' worth of kids.

At just 29 inches wide, this is the slimmest of the side by side options. It looks good, and it comfortably fits kids from birth to 45 pounds (with a Peg carseat only). It has independent adjustable backrests and footrests. It has an easy one-handed inward fold. Mostly, this is the stroller to get if you want that's handsome, with a small footprint.

This double stroller has self-standing enhanced storage, and an adjustable handlebar, which are both key features. The Britax double stroller is lightweight, with all-wheel suspension and a linked parking brake. Its seats recline independently. It fits babies from birth to 50 pounds in each seat. It's not a design showpiece, but it's also an absolute workhorse of strollers with a huge underseat basket.

Bumbleride's double stroller has a weight capacity of 90 pounds, and with this stroller, the magic is in the details. The seat fabrics and canopies are machine-washable, and made without the use of fire retardants. The handle is adjustable, as are the footrests. The sizable storage basket includes an air pump, in case your all air-filled tires need a boost. Folding this thing is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic trigger release on the handlebar. It weighs 36 pounds.

At just 22 pounds, this is a great stroller that won't have you seeing a chiropractor for back pain. It has two multi-position reclining seats. And it's great for babies from three months up to 55 pounds -- per seat. You can fold this up one-handed and tote it around with the carry handle.

Yes, the price tag is pretty staggering. But this stroller glides like it's rolling through butter. Seriously. You get two bassinets, as well as two seats. And despite its girth, this thing is only 29 inches wide. The handlebar is adjustable, and each seat is reversible and reclinable. You can also convert this to a single stroller when your oldest kid suddenly refuses to ride in one. Each seat holds 48 pounds' worth of child. The stroller itself has a compact, one-handed fold and weighs 33 pounds (with seats). The bassinet, seat and sun canopy fabrics are machine washable.

A basic, ultra-lightweight stroller for a great price, it's easy to collapse and even easier to use. This stroller clocks in at 20 pounds, so it's not a monster to push around. The price is right, and you get a canopy for sun protection, multi-position recline, a five point safety harness with soft shoulder pads, and a cup holder for much-needed coffee.

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The Best Double Jogging Strollers

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double receives nearly top marks in almost every category except maybe price. The Glide supports either a single car seat and another child or two toddlers up to 50 pounds each ⏤ so you’re getting a lot of mileage out of it. Not only that, this double doubles (heh) as a jogging stroller when the kids get bigger. The Thule offers a one-handed fold, zipped storage bin, and a drum brake on its adjustable handlebar. And at 23 pounds, this thing is a cinch to fold up and put away.

At just 28 pounds, this jogging double stroller is also on the lighter side. It has extra-large tires to tackle the hilliest of terrains. But it's also easy to maneuver: It has a one-handed fold and built-in handlebar, and its ease of use is pretty much best in class for a jogging stroller. The jogger fits 50 pounds' worth of child per seat. You can adjust each set to any position, from upright to fully reclined. It comes with a tire pump. You can use the front wheel in swivel mode or locked mode.

This stroller is all about the little details that matter a lot: The handlebar is adjustable, and there's a ton of storage thanks to 10 pockets and a massive cargo basket. The weight limit is 50 pounds per seat, so 100 pounds total. There's a one-hand recline that lays nearly flat or lets your kids sit fully upright. The peek-a-boo windows let you check on your offspring while you're running.

The Best Double Stroller Wagons

This dope double stroller wagon is a true hybrid, fits two kids, and works until they're five years old. It transforms from a stroller to a wagon when you flip the handle. Parents can pull or push this thing. Each seat holds a child weighing up to 55 pounds and can be used from six months on without a carseat. Which is a lot. And it has a compact fold and is only 27 inches wide.

This is the best stroller wagon you can by, because it's also the most versatile. The hybrid wagon-stroller lets you push it like a stroller, pull it like a wagon or push it along like luggage. It has an adjustable handlebar, is compatible with infant car seats, and has one-hand fold. It folds flat and stands upright when folded. It comfortably seats two toddlers (with full harnesses), and accommodates kids up to five years of age

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