Kick In The Pans

The 9 Best Hot Sauces For People Who Love To Cook

Add some heat to your cookouts with these 9 uniquely flavorful hot sauces.

by Jon Gugala

Like beer, denim, and Legos, the world of hot sauces has evolved well beyond that tired bottle of Frank’s RedHot that’s been in your fridge for three years. From hybrid pepper strains to surprising ingredient additions and an emphasis on small-batch and craft creations, the best hot sauces elevate traditional foods (think: Mexican dishes) while pairing well with a large number of other foods. Granted, some options may seem like an arms race as they strive toward alpine heights of Scoville heat units. But even these heat-heavy sauces rarely forget that there’s got to be a flavor basecamp somewhere underneath. Here, in ascending hotness, are all of our favorite hot sauces right now. So if you’re ready to up your epicurean game, it’s time to add a dash or three and start packing heat.