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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to Order From Amazon

not wearing a costume on Halloween is like giving out raisins instead of candy: technically allowed, but wrong on so many levels.

Halloween is a week away, and hopefully your kid’s costume is ready to go. But what about yours? You’re going trick or treating too, and not wearing a costume on Halloween is like giving out raisins instead of candy: technically allowed, but wrong on so many levels. If you have yet to secure a costume, the glory of Amazon Prime means that a good costume is but a few clicks and a couple of days away. Here are ten solid last minute Halloween costumes that can arrive in time for Wednesday’s candy-fueled bacchanal.

Jurassic World T-Rex

The included fan inflates this costume, making you look bigger and fiercer than you actually are, and the clear vinyl vision port in the dino’s neck means you’ll still be able to keep an eye on the kids while stomping from house to house.

Buy Now $46


There are a shockingly high number of banana costumes on Amazon, but we like this one because it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and silly.

Buy Now $16


If you can get your wife to dress as Olive Oyl you’ll have an easy couple’s costume. Just don’t forget to pick up a can of spinach, which you should probably eat to balance out all of the sugar anyways.

Buy Now $25

Top Gun

You may not have the movie star charisma, ageless good looks, or box office power of Tom Cruise, but you can do your own stunts (eating a dozen fun-sized Snickers counts as a stunt) in his Top Gun jumpsuit. It also comes with a Goose name badge, if trusted sidekick is more your style.

Buy Now $58

Roman Gladiator

This elaborate costume comes with a tunic, body armor, belt, cape, shoulder guard, wrist guard, shin guars, headband, armbands, and medallion. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the artistic achievements of both Virgil, the 1st century BC Roman poet, and Russell Crowe, the 20th century AD star of Gladiator.

Buy Now $38

Mr. Incredible

While true Craig T. Nelson fans may opt for a Coach-inspired ensemble, your kids will definitely appreciate your cameo as Mr. Incredible more. When you get your kids to fall asleep after a long night of candy bingeing, you’ll definitely feel like a real superhero.

Buy Now $45


We’re due for a waning gibbous on October 31 this year, but don’t let astronomy stop you from rocking this werewolf jumpsuit, complete with furry arms, legs, and hood.

Buy Now $80


Practice your Wookie noises now, because when you throw on this inflatable Chewbacca costume you’ll want to loudly groan your thanks to everyone who offers your kids candy.

Buy Now $28