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12 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Why spend a ton of time and money for Halloween costumes when you can keep it simple?

Oh, sh*t! It’s almost Halloween and you totally forgot to figure out what your kid is going to be for Halloween? You need an easy, DIY, last-minute Halloween costume and you need it now. But what can you do? What DIY kids’ Halloween costumes can you conjure from basically thin air at the very last second?

Don’t worry. Here are 11 easy DIY, last-minute kids’ Halloween costumes to get you out of the Halloween weeds.

Cardboard Robot

Most children are born being able to do the “robot voice.” Just try it with your toddler right now. Talk in a halting-robotic way, and see if the imitate you. Works every time. So, now, all you need is a cardboard box and some paint. Instant robot.

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If you’ve ever been outside in the wintertime, chances are you have this costume for your kid just waiting for October 31 in the closet. Shroud them in mystery with a balaclava and an all-black ensemble. But to really pull off the part, we recommend practicing some kung fu now. 


Does your imaginative little one always seem to have their head in the clouds? Bring the sky to them with some balloons, a family craft date with a little papier-mâché, and a matching white shirt/pants set. All you have to do is cover five to eight balloons with papier-mâché (just flour and water mixed), cover the dried mâché with pillow stuffing or cotton, and cut holes for arms, necks, and legs.

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Rosie the Riveter

Red bandana? Check. Button-up jean shirt? Check? Can-do attitude? Check. Dress your little lady up in the most iconic, rad, and empowering outfit out there.

Elliot and E.T.

Even if your child is too young to appreciate even a sliver of the iconic film, we can put our bet on them loving the chance to ride their bike around for Trick or Treat adventures. To recreate the iconic bike scene with a costume all you need is a red hoodie, a bike with a crate or basket on the front, and a stuffed E.T. doll wrapped in a white towel.


Who would’ve ever guessed that a mop could transform your kid into a llama? All hail craft blogs. For this costume, you need a knitted beanie, a couple of rubber bands, a mop, elastic, and some llama-colored clothes (white, black, tan, brown, whatever). It can be a little intimidating to follow DIYs, but this one is worth it.


A tiny pair of boots, a flannel, and a fake beard is all it takes to pull off this costume. If you want to go the extra lumberjack mile, swipe some brown shadow from your lady and smudge it onto your little one’s face for an extra-rugged look.

Monster Hoodie

This is a simple DIY to end all other simple DIYs. Just go to a local craft store, buy some googly eyes (the big ones), some colored felt, and some fabric glue. Then, let your little kid go to town cutting out teeth, scales, and scary shapes and glue them onto a hoodie to create their very own monster cloak.

Grandma and Grandpa

Turn your little Trick or Treaters into their mini-grandmas and grandpas. Does Nana always wear a pair of red glasses? Does Grandpa have an extra-round tummy? It’s all in the details (and the grey wigs) to pull of this costume.

Chia Pet

The days of green thumb-testing Chia Pets growing on kids’ beside tables and desks are long gone, but the day you can dress your child up like your favorite 80s novelty item is approaching. All you need to do is find a rubber swimming cap, some glue, and a few handfuls of faux foliage to pull it off. Bonus points if you dress up your family’s four-legged friend to match.

Where’s Waldo?

Unless everyone gets the memo to buy a pair of black frame glasses and a red-and-white-striped sweater, it should be pretty easy to find your little Waldo in the masses of candy-grabbing Trick or Treaters.


If you know, you know. This is the ultimate last-minute DIY costume in the history of Halloween. Carry on the tradition with a white sheet with two holes cut out in it for the eyes. That’s all it takes.