The Best Dinosaur Sprinklers For Your Backyard Water Park

These 7-foot dinos will make the backyard look like Isla Nublar.

by Dave Baldwin

Admittedly, a working garden hose and sprinkler is all it really takes to keep kids cool, wet, and entertained on a hot summer’s day. So long as there’s water to run through and squeals to make, kids are pretty happy. But for parents who want to take their backyard waterpark to a Jurassic new level this summer, dinosaur sprinklers are here to make a big splash. And not just any ordinary dinosaur water sprayers. No, giant T-Rexs and Brontosauruses that stand almost 7-feet-tall when inflated and make the backyard look like Isla Nublar. Here are three of the coolest.

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Big Mouth Toys Dinosaur Sprinkler

From the same folks who make of this ginormous magical unicorn that sprays water from its horn, Big Mouth’s ‘Jurassic-sized’ inflatable T-Rex towers over kids at almost 7-feet-tall. It’s easy to inflate (pump not included), attaches to any standard garden hose, and shoots water out of its snout.

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Happy Dino Sprayer

For younger kids who might be frightened by a Theropod nearly three times their size, Intex’s vinyl Dino Sprayer is not only smaller at 2-feet-tall but also maintains a much happier disposition ⏤ and the kid-friendly smile to prove it. Plus, it’s cheap at only $10.

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Dino Inflatable Sprinkler

A fitting companion to the 7-foot T-Rex in your backyard, Pottery Barn’s inflatable Brontosaurus sprinkler stands 6’8″ and almost 10″ long. It’s made of heavy-duty PVC ⏤ but comes with a vinyl repair kit to patch up any accidental dino injuries ⏤ and requires little more than inflating/attaching a hose to its belly to use.

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